January 14 Day 1042: Only Two Weeks?

Its two weeks into the New Year and I haven’t managed a single blog post. It’s been two weeks of teaching. (Winter quarter starts early at UW.) Two weeks of late nights and early mornings. Two weeks of forging new connections while juggling old responsibilities. I will find my groove. I always do. I’m justContinue reading “January 14 Day 1042: Only Two Weeks?”

June 28 Day 842: We All Went Down to Amster….

You know you are in Amsterdam when you spot the canals, windmills, and bicycles. We finally made it! Just three days and one hour late but we are here. The hotel is lovely. The schedule has been rearranged. It is going to be a visit to remember. The title is an homage to a misrememberedContinue reading “June 28 Day 842: We All Went Down to Amster….”

April 6 Day 759: Monkey Business

I don’t know how he did it, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my husband loves me. Walking up to the front door of our house, what do you spy? A sad rhododendron and something blue and shiny peeking out of an old plastic plant pot. To my delight and surprise,Continue reading “April 6 Day 759: Monkey Business”

April 5 Day 758: Spring Green

Trees along the boulevard are blooming. The color is the chartreuse of new growth that is only found at the start of Spring. With spring comes hope— time for our winter hibernation and COVID isolation to cease. I am ready to re-emerge and return to a more familiar way of life. And yet, there areContinue reading “April 5 Day 758: Spring Green”

March 14 Day 736: My Wish

Whether you love it or hate it, Pi Day is a favorite day of mine because it is also my birthday. So what do I wish for on this, my third, birthday affected by the coronavirus? World peace. That’s a hard one to deliver on right now but I can make the wish. A returnContinue reading “March 14 Day 736: My Wish”

February 17 Day 711: Turning Point?

When all is said and done and the “Great Pandemic of 2020” is a distant memory, do we point to February 17, 2022 and say “we turned the corner and everything steadily improved from this moment forward?” Dear God, I hope so. What is my evidence? The first daffodil. Nature’s indication of Spring. A signContinue reading “February 17 Day 711: Turning Point?”

January 9 Day 672: Catching Sunrise

I looked out the window this morning and saw it was going to be a beautiful sunrise. I threw on pants, sweatshirt, sneakers, and raced out the door in an attempt to catch nature’s show. Apparently this is something I do on January 9, at least according to my Facebook memories. As I arrived atContinue reading “January 9 Day 672: Catching Sunrise”

January 1 Day 664: In the New Year, I Can Do Better.

Happy New Year. May 2022 bring health and happiness to all–or at least a little less stress and turmoil. I’ve been working to prepare my winter classes (the first meeting is in 3 days!) I think I have the course site completed with dates, assignments, and readings–at least for the first two weeks. I amContinue reading “January 1 Day 664: In the New Year, I Can Do Better.”

November 13 Day 615: And Just like That…

… it was over. I was back to feeling like my regular self by morning. My arms don’t even feel that sore. (Flu shot in the left, COVID booster in the right.) Now it’s my husband’s turn to feel crappy. He got his booster yesterday and the after effects hit this morning. I’m trying toContinue reading “November 13 Day 615: And Just like That…”

May 22 Day 440: Something Different

I noticed a real change today. It was not the same thing, day after day, living my life in the same space in the same repetitive way. I went to a live concert. My husband and I had to wear masks and show proof of vaccination to gain entry. But we got to experience ourContinue reading “May 22 Day 440: Something Different”