June 30 Day 844: This Is The Way to Travel

I have absolutely no complaints about our adventures in the Netherlands. We are in Leiden because of connections that Mark has in science and Ariane Briegel and Dennis Claessen are taking fantastic care of us. We got to observe a PhD defense today (mostly in Dutch) in an old university building. The examination committee woreContinue reading “June 30 Day 844: This Is The Way to Travel”

June 28 Day 842: We All Went Down to Amster….

You know you are in Amsterdam when you spot the canals, windmills, and bicycles. We finally made it! Just three days and one hour late but we are here. The hotel is lovely. The schedule has been rearranged. It is going to be a visit to remember. The title is an homage to a misrememberedContinue reading “June 28 Day 842: We All Went Down to Amster….”

June 27 Day 841: Dublin’s Fair City

It’s was time to deal with dirty clothes, so we packed the duffle bag and found the Temple Bar Laundry. After three hours and a lovely walk around town, we had fresh and folded clothes ready to travel to our next destination. (Plus clean masks and compression socks.) I will share a few sights alongContinue reading “June 27 Day 841: Dublin’s Fair City”

June 26 Day 840: Doubly Cancelled

I was optimistic when I awoke this morning. A quick walk to the airport and we were supposed to be off to Amsterdam—albeit delayed by a day. The airport was crazy. The lines were long. And when trying to check our baggage we got an error message “too late to check bags for this flight.”Continue reading “June 26 Day 840: Doubly Cancelled”

June 25 Day 839: A Moment of Zen

We arrived in Dublin and are staying at an airport hotel in advance of our rebooked flight tomorrow. I was exhausted from the extra late night, so we took it easy in favor of being rested and ready for our Netherlands adventure. Let me share the time lapse of the airport through the hotel window.Continue reading “June 25 Day 839: A Moment of Zen”

June 24 Day 838: Cancelled

Like so many travelers in the world right now, our flight has been cancelled. I learned this when I checked the app before going to bed. There it was on the welcome screen in a colored box under the flight travel time CANCELLED. I clicked on the link and it invited me to rebook myContinue reading “June 24 Day 838: Cancelled”

June 23 Day 837: Celebrating RAB Part II

The second half of the mini symposium celebrating the long success of Richard Brualdi featured four more speakers. Michael Schroeder, John Goldwasser, me, and the man himself. More stories, more mathematics, more fun. It was the most technologically diverse session I’ve seen. First, we got the lapel mike working so we could walk about theContinue reading “June 23 Day 837: Celebrating RAB Part II”

June 22 Day 836: Playing Tourist

The conference organizers planned this afternoon for excursions. Mark and I decided it was a great idea and took a whole day excursion instead. We visited the smallest of the Aran islands, Inis Oirr (Inisheer), cruised past the Cliffs of Moher, had lunch in a pub, and finally ended the day wandering on top ofContinue reading “June 22 Day 836: Playing Tourist”

June 21 Day 835: Great Lessons

Day two of the ILAS conference in Galway featured the first half of the mini symposium honoring the work of my thesis advisor, Richard Brualdi. It is the reason I am here. The “Brualdi insights” that I pick up from today’s speakers: are: Drive somewhere with Richard (preferably to a conference.) The key to writingContinue reading “June 21 Day 835: Great Lessons”

June 20 Day 834: More Than 15,000 Steps

It’s Day one of the ILAS Conference in Galway. My favorite math moment of the day—Naiomi Cameron’s talk on Riordan arrays. I admit to being a little biased since she is a collaborator, but it was the right mix of introduction, images, results, and intuition for me. My favorite coincidence was following the blue dottedContinue reading “June 20 Day 834: More Than 15,000 Steps”