February 22 Day 1081: Math People

These people right here, they are my kind of people—math people. Not necessarily math majors but students choosing to spend their lunch hour participating in an Integral Bee. There was community, celebration, a few extra credit points, and yes…integrals. The Math Club at UW Tacoma organized it, advertised it, and made it a reality. MathContinue reading “February 22 Day 1081: Math People”

December 24 Day 1021: Jollification

Today I managed to submit an article for publication, design our holiday card (finally), and wrap all the presents. It’s been a fine day of merrymaking. I am prepared to celebrate with others tomorrow. This elf is ready for a long winter’s nap. Happy, merry jollification one and all.

September 24 Day 930: Cool Flex

Just a quick post to share yesterday’s hexahexaflexagon. While packing this morning, I found a few more completed flexagons stored in the pages of a book. So I can show you the six sides and share instructions for making your own. And here is the flattened version that you can print, cut, fold, and glueContinue reading “September 24 Day 930: Cool Flex”

September 23 Day 929: Celebrate and Play

COVID changed everything: the way we work. The way we play. And how MAA celebrates its award winners. So today, in the heart of the NYC financial district we brought together United States Math Olympiad (USAMO), European Girls Math Olympiad (EGMO), and International Math Olympiad (IMO) winners, together with their families, for a celebration ofContinue reading “September 23 Day 929: Celebrate and Play”

August 3 Day 878: MAA MathFest Day 1—Let the Celebration Begin

MathFest is off to a great start. The MAA Congress met in person for the first time since MathFest 2019 in Cincinnati. Most Congress members had only met over Zoom. We learned how much the MAA has accomplished during that time (the last year in particular), and began thinking about setting new strategic goals forContinue reading “August 3 Day 878: MAA MathFest Day 1—Let the Celebration Begin”

June 23 Day 837: Celebrating RAB Part II

The second half of the mini symposium celebrating the long success of Richard Brualdi featured four more speakers. Michael Schroeder, John Goldwasser, me, and the man himself. More stories, more mathematics, more fun. It was the most technologically diverse session I’ve seen. First, we got the lapel mike working so we could walk about theContinue reading “June 23 Day 837: Celebrating RAB Part II”

June 18-19: Days 832-833 Long Days Journey Through the Night

We started at 8 am pacific time on June 18 with our youngest driving Mark and me to the SEA airport and ended June 19 at 5 pm in Irish summer time with our arrival at the Hardiman Hotel on Eyre Square in Galway. The time here is 8 hours ahead of our home zone,Continue reading “June 18-19: Days 832-833 Long Days Journey Through the Night”

June 10 Day 824: Mathematical Celebration

Behold the amazing UW Tacoma students gathering to celebrate their achievements after an unexpectedly difficult academic year. Tacoma grit? They’ve shown it. I couldn’t be more proud to gather in community and celebrate their accomplishments. Today was the official last day of the spring quarter, marked by a celebration of UW Tacoma math students andContinue reading “June 10 Day 824: Mathematical Celebration”

March 14 Day 736: My Wish

Whether you love it or hate it, Pi Day is a favorite day of mine because it is also my birthday. So what do I wish for on this, my third, birthday affected by the coronavirus? World peace. That’s a hard one to deliver on right now but I can make the wish. A returnContinue reading “March 14 Day 736: My Wish”