May 13 Day 1161: A Festival of Fun

This morning, Tacoma Math hosted its second community math festival of the year. Our first was April 27 at Lincoln High School and today’s was on UW Tacoma’s campus in the new Milgard Building. Funded by the UW Tacoma Office of Community Partnerships, we recruited undergraduate students to create and facilitate math activities. There wasContinue reading “May 13 Day 1161: A Festival of Fun”

December 31 Day 1028: Here’s to 2022

The last day of the year brings reflections on the past and hopes for the future. It was a good year with a rough start and a whirlwind finish. The delta and omicron strains of COVID required pivoting from our plans for a return to normal. But by summer, travel was back in full forceContinue reading “December 31 Day 1028: Here’s to 2022”

December 28 Day 1025: The Tide is High

This morning’s walk evidenced a higher than usual tide—although according to Metro Parks workers, yesterday’s was worse. Mark and I arrived for our morning walk at 9 am. The drain holes in the Point Defiance Boathouse were letting water in. And twenty minutes later the entire floor was covered in water. The promenade to OwenContinue reading “December 28 Day 1025: The Tide is High”

October 15 Day 951: A Study in Unknots

Construction around campus has been a headache. I silently swear every time I park in the lot up the hill and have to discover a new pathway down and around the construction zone. As I walked past the line of huge concrete water drainage pipes, I noticed inside each one was an o-ring. Mathematically speaking,Continue reading “October 15 Day 951: A Study in Unknots”

October 14 Day 950: Shall Dare Bad Air

I’ve been avoiding my morning walk partly because of work, partly because of travel, and partly because of bad air. Today was a doozy—an air quality index of 154 this morning. I decided to throw caution to the wind and brave the great outdoors. One thing you can say about smoky skies, they make forContinue reading “October 14 Day 950: Shall Dare Bad Air”

October 10 Day 946: Let’s Get On the Bus

Another post-covid first—the first Pierce Transit bus ride since March 2020. With three adults at home and only two cars, sometimes public transportation is required. My son dropped me off at work early this morning and I made my way home on the bus. Suffice it to say that alternate routes due to construction madeContinue reading “October 10 Day 946: Let’s Get On the Bus”

September 28 Day 934: Officially Autumn

We have passed the autumnal equinox; leaves are changing colors; and classes started at the University of Washington for Autumn quarter. Summer is over. The energy in class today was amazing. 100% attendance. Lots of positive group interactions. I’m excited to see how our community develops. After talking with my youngest son about his currentContinue reading “September 28 Day 934: Officially Autumn”

September 27 Day 933: No Wonder USPS is in Trouble

I came to campus for final preparations of tomorrow’s opening class this quarter. I checked my office mail for the first time in eight months. During this time, the United States Postal Service brought 2 hand written letters, 5 math publications, and 1 book advertisement. What does it say about the volume of electronic communicationsContinue reading “September 27 Day 933: No Wonder USPS is in Trouble”