December 30 Day 662: Top 10 of 2021

Preparing to ring in the New Year is a time of reflection and appreciation for the year that we are closing out. So today, I present to top 10 blog posts (as determined by the number of reader views during 2021). #10: January 16 Day 314: The Speed of Change in which I consider my habitsContinue reading “December 30 Day 662: Top 10 of 2021”

December 29 Day 661: Was Stitch Here?

I have fond memories of watching the movie Lilo & Stitch with my family when the boys were young. This scene in particular comes to mind today. Why? It’s still cold and snowy in Tacoma. I needed to find a pair of gloves before this morning’s walk. I kept coming up with only one gloveContinue reading “December 29 Day 661: Was Stitch Here?”

December 27 Day 659: Holiday Cards

I always try to get our holiday card designed and printed before Christmas. If I am very good, I manage to get them in the mail before December 25. This year the printing was finished on Christmas Eve, many cards were addressed on Boxing Day, and the first batch were delivered to the post officeContinue reading “December 27 Day 659: Holiday Cards”

December 23 Day 655: Holiday Achievement Unlocked

The Christmas tree is finally finished with the help of my youngest. It’s the first time we have elected to use only white lights (both the cool and warm variety) mostly because the first strand with multi-colored bulbs did not fully illuminate. It looks sophisticated, I think. Next step, finish designing our holiday card. IContinue reading “December 23 Day 655: Holiday Achievement Unlocked”

December 22 Day 654: Not Again

Omicron, COVID’s pawn, stops us cold. can’t be controlled. spreads like fire. I am so tired of not knowing when it’s going to end. Boosters, masks, health forecasts, protocols try to forestall COVID’s spread. Stay home instead. Those plans you made are now delayed again, my friend. Yesterday, I learned that the University of WashingtonContinue reading “December 22 Day 654: Not Again”

December 21 Day 653: Mileage Run Part 3

Mission Completion! Gold status has been verified in the Alaska Airline app and I got to meet my son AT THE GATE on his holiday travels home. The last time I did that was when the kids were travelling as unaccompanied minors to visit my parents in TN. I have fond memories of childhood waitingContinue reading “December 21 Day 653: Mileage Run Part 3”

December 21 Day 653: Mileage Run Part 2

I can’t believe how lucky I am so far today. I picked San Fransisco as my destination mostly for price, time, and distance. But if I knew then what I know now, I would have paid extra to pick this location. Imagine my delight to walk off the airplane and happen upon this gallery withContinue reading “December 21 Day 653: Mileage Run Part 2”

December 21 Day 653: Mileage Run Part 1

This is my gift to myself — one final airplane trip in 2021 simply to accrue enough frequent flyer mileage points to advance to the next level. Just a hop to San Francisco and back with lounge access for the day, earning the final miles needed to become gold. Is it worth it? Absolutely, ifContinue reading “December 21 Day 653: Mileage Run Part 1”

December 20 Day 652: Submitted

Grades are submitted and I have four days to prepare for a family Christmas. It’s a little late to start thinking about the holidays, but I have been preoccupied with other priorities until now. My youngest put up the tree and lights last night. There is still decorating to be done. This will be theContinue reading “December 20 Day 652: Submitted”

December 19 Day 651: Me & 23

Happy Anniversary to my husband of 23 years. There have been ups and downs, ins and outs. But always together. Stronger than ever. What we have built together has great value: a partnership, a home, a family. He has always believed in me and helped me to believe in myself. After almost two years inContinue reading “December 19 Day 651: Me & 23”