September 27 Day 933: No Wonder USPS is in Trouble

I came to campus for final preparations of tomorrow’s opening class this quarter. I checked my office mail for the first time in eight months. During this time, the United States Postal Service brought 2 hand written letters, 5 math publications, and 1 book advertisement. What does it say about the volume of electronic communicationsContinue reading “September 27 Day 933: No Wonder USPS is in Trouble”

February 6 Day 700: Small World

This morning, I received a message from a mathematical friend that made me smile. Apparently her son is in the middle school math class that is reading a current draft of my book. Let me back up. Last Fall I posted September 18 Day 559: A Labor of Love in which I shared that I hadContinue reading “February 6 Day 700: Small World”

January 24 Day 687: We Don’t Talk About Wordle

As this blog is intended as commentary on our world during the COVID pandemic, I feel I cannot ignore important trends and fads that sweep through the population. First there was Tiger King. Now there is Wordle. I love Wordle. I have played it every morning for the last three weeks. It reminds me ofContinue reading “January 24 Day 687: We Don’t Talk About Wordle”

January 23 Day 686: In the Zone

I was working on a mathematics manuscript today—editing and creating promised illustrations for my Wednesday collaboration meeting. I had made good progress in the afternoon and thought to briefly review my new contributions before relaxing for the evening. The next thing I realized, it was 11 o’clock at night; I completely lost myself in theContinue reading “January 23 Day 686: In the Zone”

December 29 Day 661: Was Stitch Here?

I have fond memories of watching the movie Lilo & Stitch with my family when the boys were young. This scene in particular comes to mind today. Why? It’s still cold and snowy in Tacoma. I needed to find a pair of gloves before this morning’s walk. I kept coming up with only one gloveContinue reading “December 29 Day 661: Was Stitch Here?”

December 1 Day 633: Suspicions Confirmed

I was curious after my last post, so I asked. None of my students knew the 80s sitcom Cheers. One politely inquired “What was it about?” Another responded, “I think it was like Friends but in a bar.” Instead, we found common TV viewing experiences watching Blues Clues. The consensus was that Steve was theContinue reading “December 1 Day 633: Suspicions Confirmed”

October 17 Day 588: No Filter

An early morning romp to the waterfront with my husband. We were rewarded with a colorful palette—starting with dark blues and purple. Transforming to oranges and red with a hint of yellow. Finished off with delicate clouds of pink. It lifts my spirits to see such beauty and share it with those I love. TheContinue reading “October 17 Day 588: No Filter”

October 1 Day 572: Coincidence?

I attended two mathematically themed events today, the National Association of Mathematician’s MATHFest (Day 1) and the gallery opening reception of the Seattle Universal Math Museum art exhibit “For the LOVE of MATH!” Both were joyous occasions. I drove north to Mercer island in the early evening to celebrate the mathematically inspired (and often mathematicallyContinue reading “October 1 Day 572: Coincidence?”