June 4 Day 1183: NES/MAA Spring Recap

What a crazy, whirlwind end to the Spring quarter. Who thinks it’s a good idea to finish the last day of teaching with a red-eye to Boston in order to attend the Spring meeting of the Northeastern Section of the MAA? Apparently I did. And I still do. Arriving Friday at 6:30 am, I pickedContinue reading “June 4 Day 1183: NES/MAA Spring Recap”

May 28 Day 1175: Sunday in the Park

Rhododendrons will always and forever remind me of my father. Growing up in Rhode Island there was a huge purple bush along side one house and our own private rhododendron and azalea garden (with trails, a pond, and wisteria covered gazebo) at another. Seeing all the blossoms this morning while walking in Point Defiance ParkContinue reading “May 28 Day 1175: Sunday in the Park”

May 19 Day 1167: Strategery Unlocked

The first day of the Spring Mathematical Association of America Board of Directors meeting was devoted to strategic planning—facilitated by Cara Parker of Cara Parker Consulting. We were engaged, focused, and productive. Sticky notes, flip charts, active meeting management. Time to think. Time to dream. Time to connect. Data, graphics, the works. It was everythingContinue reading “May 19 Day 1167: Strategery Unlocked”

May 13 Day 1161: A Festival of Fun

This morning, Tacoma Math hosted its second community math festival of the year. Our first was April 27 at Lincoln High School and today’s was on UW Tacoma’s campus in the new Milgard Building. Funded by the UW Tacoma Office of Community Partnerships, we recruited undergraduate students to create and facilitate math activities. There wasContinue reading “May 13 Day 1161: A Festival of Fun”

April 15 Day 1133: You Know You Are A Mathematician When…

…your license plate equals -1. …you road trip from Arizona, across New Mexico, to El Paso with your friends to present your results on a Saturday morning. And you are excited to hear your advisor talk afterwards. …the audience for your contributed talk is filled with former students now successfully teaching in the math community.Continue reading “April 15 Day 1133: You Know You Are A Mathematician When…”

April 14 Day 1132: Southwestern Style

Today’s Spring meeting was sponsored by the Southwestern Section of the MAA and the New Mexico Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges. Geographically, the Southwestern MAA Section covers Arizona, New Mexico, and just a tiny part of Texas. The meeting was held at El Paso Community College—so Texas, here I am. Everything has been delightfulContinue reading “April 14 Day 1132: Southwestern Style”

April 7 Day 1125: Feeling Invisible

Honest mistakes happen. I get that. We are all busy people and sometimes we forget to include everyone who should be included–whether its an invitation to the table or recognition for fine work. I keep telling my brain not to read too much into any one oversight. It happens to everyone, right? Yet the moreContinue reading “April 7 Day 1125: Feeling Invisible”

March 30 Day 1117: Is It Time?

I have been writing this blog for over 3 years—initially contributions were daily but now they are trickling to just a few each month. Is it time to declare Math in the Time of Corona a thing of the past? Evidence in favor of a positive response: Evidence in favor of a negative response: PerhapsContinue reading “March 30 Day 1117: Is It Time?”

March 27 Day 1114: Fresh Start

It’s the first day of Spring quarter 2023. So long Spring Break— I hardly knew you. All of the faculty colleagues I saw today looked exhausted. With less than a week between Winter grade submission and the start of this quarter, there really was no rest for the weary. I had an impressive To-Do listContinue reading “March 27 Day 1114: Fresh Start”

March 24 Day 1111: I Want to Believe

I’ve seen the Aurora Borealis twice in my life for sure. Once in my sophomore year of college in Williamstown, Massachusetts and once in Canada on my way to the Banff Research Center for a mathematics conference. I’ve been rather obsessed with seeing it again, dreaming of trips to Iceland or Alaska for an AuroraContinue reading “March 24 Day 1111: I Want to Believe”