March 27 Day 749: Slow Convergence

Everytime I think I’m done, I get more feedback. Honestly, it’s beginning to mess with my confidence. I’ve just sent in a third revision of my piece–all submitted within the past week. Part of me is flattered that the editor is taking so much time with my writing (she can’t possibly be doing this forContinue reading “March 27 Day 749: Slow Convergence”

March 22 Day 744: Addressing Criticisms

Everybody’s a critic. Nobody likes criticisms–me included. This evening I finished revisions on a piece that I originally posted about January 16 Day 679: Writers Block and submitted last month. The reviewer comments were biting or maybe I read too much snark into them. I had to put them away for a while before I couldContinue reading “March 22 Day 744: Addressing Criticisms”

March 20 Day 742: Goodbye Winter; Hello Spring

I did it! I finished all my grading for Winter quarter and posted the following announcement for my students today: Subject: I think I am done grading Please have a look over the gradebook. You will see an entry called ‘UWT Grade’ that gives the grade I will report to the registrar for this course.Continue reading “March 20 Day 742: Goodbye Winter; Hello Spring”

March 19 Day 741: Joys of ‘Spring Break’

It’s the first official day of spring break for UW Tacoma and Willamette University. My son Zach and I are lounging in the family room, working on math—he is getting a start on his homework, I am grading final projects. I enjoy chatting with him about mathematical induction, giving LaTeX tips, and providing feedback onContinue reading “March 19 Day 741: Joys of ‘Spring Break’”

March 16 Day 738: Finals Reflections

I have been administering oral final examinations over the last two days. Compared to previous quarters, when I had double (or quadruple) the students to manage, it was down right pleasant. The process hasn’t changed except that I administer the interviews in person rather than remotely through Zoom. I noticed more than ever before thatContinue reading “March 16 Day 738: Finals Reflections”

March 14 Day 736: My Wish

Whether you love it or hate it, Pi Day is a favorite day of mine because it is also my birthday. So what do I wish for on this, my third, birthday affected by the coronavirus? World peace. That’s a hard one to deliver on right now but I can make the wish. A returnContinue reading “March 14 Day 736: My Wish”

March 13 Day 735: Fixed It!

During the pandemic, I have been working on my maker mindset. In addition to playing with my 3D-printer, I have tackled the repairs of home appliances. First there was the washing machine (July 18 Day 132: Priceless). Then I replaced the kitchen faucet (March 27 Day 384: The Right Tool…). Today, I conquered the broken oven glass.Continue reading “March 13 Day 735: Fixed It!”

March 12 Day 734: Section Reflection

Congratulations to the MAA SE Section on their Centennial. It was an honor to celebrate this milestone at their Spring 2022 meeting hosted by Berry College. The signage was impressive—from the huge welcome at the entrance to the wayfinding signs throughout, there was never a doubt where to go next. This was their first in-personContinue reading “March 12 Day 734: Section Reflection”