November 29 Day 631: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

It was a “Cheers” moment in class. I was relaying the predictions about attendance prior to the Thanksgiving break and made an offhand comment that the same people were present today. While the number in the room was the same, a few students looked around and noticed that a regular, let’s call him “Norm,” wasContinue reading “November 29 Day 631: Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

November 28 Day 630: Planes and Trains

I am thankful for modern transportation that allowed my sons to visit for the brief Thanksgiving holiday. It was grand to have the family together again. This morning they are traveling back to their respective colleges, one by air and one by land. Safe journeys sons. I’m looking forward to Winter break already.

November 24 Day 626: Drumroll Please

The predictions are in. Class is over. Overall the respondents were highly pessimistic. Here is a sampling of responses: . . The number of attendees was…. . . . . . Wait for it…… . . . . . . . . . . . In-person: 12 studentsRemote attendance: 6 students. Photographic Evidence that theyContinue reading “November 24 Day 626: Drumroll Please”

November 24 Day 626: Make Your Prediction Now

It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I have class at 1:30 pm. On Monday my class of 28 had 12 in person participants and 3 remote participants. How many do you think will be here today? This is the downside to recording lectures. It makes it too easy to stay home and watch it laterContinue reading “November 24 Day 626: Make Your Prediction Now”

November 22 Day 624: Increasing Interaction

Attendance was sparse in today’s class. Perhaps because this is the week of Thanksgiving. UW Tacoma only takes Thursday and Friday of this week as a holiday. Since I only teach Mondays and Wednesdays, it feels like a standard week for me. The main difference is that both my sons will be home for theContinue reading “November 22 Day 624: Increasing Interaction”

November 20 Day 622: Movie Theater Popcorn

My husband and I went back to the local movie theater for the first time since December 20, 2019 when we saw StarWars: Rise of Skywalker. Things have changed. The theater still has large reclining seats but there are frequent signs ‘Do not use your own seat wipes.’ Apparently they are worried about harming theContinue reading “November 20 Day 622: Movie Theater Popcorn”

November 18 Day 620: #TacomaMath’s COVID Transformations

I love participating in #TacomaMath, a workgroup of the STEAM Learning Network of GraduateTacoma! We started on a project before the pandemic and have been revising our work together ever since. Our goal remains the same: To invite the Tacoma community, especially girls, students of color, and those impacted by poverty, to engage in positiveContinue reading “November 18 Day 620: #TacomaMath’s COVID Transformations”

November 17 Day 619: Still There After All These Days

I took this picture today. What is it of? Back in March of 2020, before the emergency transition to remote teaching, the UW Tacoma Math Club planned for a coming Pi Day celebration. I 3D printed different colored Pi-s and several people hid them around campus. I have previously mentioned them in this blog: MarchContinue reading “November 17 Day 619: Still There After All These Days”

November 15 Day 617: Ready to Improvise

The power went out. All the fire doors closed. And I found my way out of the MDS building by way of the emergency stairs. That was an adventure in and of itself. I wondered how extensive the power outage was. According to Tacoma Public Utilities, the whole campus and then some. Walking to class,Continue reading “November 15 Day 617: Ready to Improvise”

November 14 Day 616: Homebody

As I grow older, certain behavioral traits become more pronounced. I am sure they have been there all along, but sometimes it takes reconnecting with someone who has known you for a very long time to make them abundantly clear. I am a homebody. I am happy puttering around the house, focusing on my family,Continue reading “November 14 Day 616: Homebody”