January 20 Day 683: A Few Minutes Peace

What treat. Sitting in a coffee shop. Drinking from a ceramic mug. Posting class notes. Catching up with friends. Chatting with acquaintances. It was good for the soul and a fine way to celebrate finishing in-person teaching for this week. If you recall, two days ago I almost had 50 % in-person and 50% remoteContinue reading “January 20 Day 683: A Few Minutes Peace”

November 22 Day 624: Increasing Interaction

Attendance was sparse in today‚Äôs class. Perhaps because this is the week of Thanksgiving. UW Tacoma only takes Thursday and Friday of this week as a holiday. Since I only teach Mondays and Wednesdays, it feels like a standard week for me. The main difference is that both my sons will be home for theContinue reading “November 22 Day 624: Increasing Interaction”

October 23 Day 229: Continuation of Collaboration Continuum

I like the alliteration. Just a brief update. Students that did not attend class on Wednesday, when the group selection exercise was featured, still have not formed groups. The deadline is midnight tonight. I set up a discussion board for them to declare their collaboration preferences but no one has used it. All I canContinue reading “October 23 Day 229: Continuation of Collaboration Continuum”

October 21 Day 227: Collaboration Continuum

The late night revisions were implemented. Every person that attended class successfully self-selected a group with similar collaboration tendencies and booked an interview time for next week. They traded contact information and spent over sixty minutes working together. The sound level in low numbered rooms was less than that in the higher numbered rooms, asContinue reading “October 21 Day 227: Collaboration Continuum”

October 20 Day 226: Group Dynamics

I’m preparing to give the second round of group oral assessments next week . The feedback on the first experience showed general dissatisfaction with random groups. So I’m going to spend some time in class facilitating group formation—helping like minded students find their people. I’m asking students to decide what type of group they wantContinue reading “October 20 Day 226: Group Dynamics”