June 17 Day 101: Drive By Celebration

To close out the academic year, the Math Club sponsored a “Drive-By” celebration. All math majors were invited. Faculty came out in force and made appropriate celebratory signs. Students took the opportunity to drop off loaned books, to sign the Pi Mu Epsilon roll book, to deposit money raised for the Pi Day Celebration, andContinue reading “June 17 Day 101: Drive By Celebration”

June 16 Day 100: Brief Return to Campus

This morning I took the COVID-19 training, attested to my current health, and let the appropriate people know when and where I intended to be on campus. It was a beautiful sunny day. I saw campus safety officers from a distance, two other faculty members, and one member of the custodial staff. That was it.Continue reading “June 16 Day 100: Brief Return to Campus”

June 14 Day 98: Final Post About Finals

Everything is graded. Computations are complete. I have released my decisions to the students and asked them to double check my work. It’s always better to correct errors before submission of final grades rather than after. I hit the submit button on Tuesday. Until then, is it time to: A) don a mask and goContinue reading “June 14 Day 98: Final Post About Finals”

June 13 Day 97: Congratulations Mathematics Majors of 2020

You were just awarded your degrees virtually. It’s just not the same as sitting in the Tacoma Dome and clapping as you cross the stage. It has been my pleasure to work with you at UW Tacoma. You did an amazing job pivoting capstone presentations to virtual presentations with no warning in March and youContinue reading “June 13 Day 97: Congratulations Mathematics Majors of 2020”

June 12 Day 96: Finals. Part III

I really wanted to be able to report that all projects were graded and final grades were submitted. But I haven’t been able to make myself sit down to finish. Grades are not due until 5 pm on Tuesday June 16. So there is time, right? To procrastinate, I will answer the question about theContinue reading “June 12 Day 96: Finals. Part III”

June 11 Day 95: Finals. Part II.

Nine hours over three days were required to complete the oral final. It was a test of stamina for me. Yet surprisingly pleasant. The Method One week in advance, students were given nine questions on which the examination would be drawn. They could use all resources available to prepare including but not limited to: eachContinue reading “June 11 Day 95: Finals. Part II.”

June 10 Day 94: Finals. Part I.

I spent 5 straight hours sitting in the home office without stirring. Three hours were spent administering back-to-back oral exams —two questions, twenty minutes, and no time to spare. Two more hours were spent on a more traditional remotely administered final exam in my mastery based precalculus class. This is my first time using anContinue reading “June 10 Day 94: Finals. Part I.”

June 9 Day 93: Reflection

Reflection, listening, learning, and action.  I have been a member of the Tacoma STEAM Learning Collaborative Action Network for the past three years. We are dedicated to expanding equitable access, interest, experience, and success in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) for all Tacoma students, particularly girls, students of color, and those impacted byContinue reading “June 9 Day 93: Reflection”

June 8 Day 92: Reading on a Small Screen

Have you noticed how people regularly apologize for typos and other errors in email responses sent from mobile devices? I feel like maybe we should be sending apologies for reading the original message on the mobile device as well. I mostly skim messages on my phone. When I receive something that deserves close reading, reflection,Continue reading “June 8 Day 92: Reading on a Small Screen”