October 27 Day 963: Curious Minds Want to Know

Yes, I did make it home. Tuesday morning at 2:30 am, thirty-one hours later than planned. The Portland flight was delayed and I missed my connection to Seattle. I did not want to stay at a hotel for another night. So I found a driver willing to face the 144 mile drive to Tacoma, WAContinue reading “October 27 Day 963: Curious Minds Want to Know”

October 24 Part 3: I Don’t Want to Talk About It

Still trying to get home. Still in Newark. Losing my optimism. Captain Patrick refused to fly the equipment because it didn’t check out. Good for him. But in trying to get home tonight, I’m going through Portland with a tight connection. And that flight is already showing a delay. If everything works smoothly, I willContinue reading “October 24 Part 3: I Don’t Want to Talk About It”

October 24 Part 2 Day 960. Having a Party with my New Best Friends

Can you believe we are delayed again? Captain Patrick was excited to see us boarding the plane. He gave his welcome in person rather than over the speaker system. We are the same passengers from last night’s fated flight. We reminisced over breakfast. We squeezed into the shuttle from the hotel. We have been togetherContinue reading “October 24 Part 2 Day 960. Having a Party with my New Best Friends”

October 24 Day 960: Still Waiting

I’m trying to get home. My flight has been delayed …and delayed…and delayed some more. We are currently sitting on the tarmac as maintenance works to reset the avionics fan. We were supposed to have taken off more than 6 hours ago. Rather than focusing on the negatives, let me inventory the good things aboutContinue reading “October 24 Day 960: Still Waiting”

October 23 Day 959: Boardwalking

I wanted to see a sunrise over the Atlantic. So I got up way too early for a girl still living on Pacific time and drove the Ocean City, NJ. It was cloudy, showing no color but grey. I enjoyed walking the boardwalk as the sky lightened, imagining the summer crowds. Only one shop wasContinue reading “October 23 Day 959: Boardwalking”

October 22 Day 958: NJ Resilient

While I have attended a few “first meetings since…”, this was the MAA New Jersey Section’s first in-person meeting since the start of COVID. They were planning for in-person last Spring but Omicron subvariants threw a wrench in the plans. Spring pivoted to virtual. As with many of the first meetings back, attendance was lighterContinue reading “October 22 Day 958: NJ Resilient”

October 17 Day 953: Learning New Tricks

When teaching remotely, I had lots of ways to get feedback—reactions, polls (often in Miro), waterfall chats. Now that I am back in person, I’m trying to find the right method. Inspired by my son’s willingness to ask his teacher questions on Discord, I set up a server for my class. I have to admit,Continue reading “October 17 Day 953: Learning New Tricks”

October 15 Day 951: A Study in Unknots

Construction around campus has been a headache. I silently swear every time I park in the lot up the hill and have to discover a new pathway down and around the construction zone. As I walked past the line of huge concrete water drainage pipes, I noticed inside each one was an o-ring. Mathematically speaking,Continue reading “October 15 Day 951: A Study in Unknots”

October 14 Day 950: Shall Dare Bad Air

I’ve been avoiding my morning walk partly because of work, partly because of travel, and partly because of bad air. Today was a doozy—an air quality index of 154 this morning. I decided to throw caution to the wind and brave the great outdoors. One thing you can say about smoky skies, they make forContinue reading “October 14 Day 950: Shall Dare Bad Air”