October 24 Day 960: Still Waiting

I’m trying to get home. My flight has been delayed …and delayed…and delayed some more. We are currently sitting on the tarmac as maintenance works to reset the avionics fan. We were supposed to have taken off more than 6 hours ago. Rather than focusing on the negatives, let me inventory the good things aboutContinue reading “October 24 Day 960: Still Waiting”

September 14 Day 920: Uncertainty Rules

It’s impossible to plan when serving on jury duty. I am grateful that I was not made to sit around the juror room on Monday or Tuesday with nothing to do. I put that time to good use. Today, however, I was called in. I have a badge and am waiting to be sent toContinue reading “September 14 Day 920: Uncertainty Rules”

August 1 Day 876: Safe Journeys to MAA MathFest Everyone

Let the posts about traveling to MAA MathFest 2022 commence. My own awkward boarding selfie (#ABS) graces the cover of this post. I have been traveling a fair amount this summer and each time I am in an airport, the number of people wearing masks seems fewer and fewer. Even my friend Allison commented onContinue reading “August 1 Day 876: Safe Journeys to MAA MathFest Everyone”

March 6 Day 728: Out and About

I flew from Washington to Florida today to attend the 53rd Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory , and Computing. It’s a hybrid conference with 242 attendees (at least according to the Whova app) of which about 100 are attending in person. Arriving at Fort Lauderdale felt like another world. The airport was crowded.Continue reading “March 6 Day 728: Out and About”

December 9 Day 641: Behind the Mask

I was so happy to have my students attend class on campus this quarter. It was easier to build community in person than through a screen. I cherished the ability to use group activities at a moments notice without interrupting the energy of the room. Masks kept us safe. But as someone who is notContinue reading “December 9 Day 641: Behind the Mask”