February 28 Day 357: Nostalgia for the “Before”

I share a memory that popped up in my Facebook feed this morning from exactly one year ago today. It was taken at the conclusion of Day 1 of the MAA Louisiana Mississippi Section Meeting in New Orleans as we were all heading back to the hotel. This was the last time I travelled onContinue reading “February 28 Day 357: Nostalgia for the “Before””

February 27 Day 356: Golden Section Confession

Did you know that the members of the MAA living in Northern California, Northern Nevada, Hawaii, and Pacific US Islands refer to their local region as the “Golden Section”? (Double entendre fully intended. ) They have a spiral in their logo that is made of golden rectangles (in blue below) containing a classic golden spiralContinue reading “February 27 Day 356: Golden Section Confession”

February 26 Day 355: Disappointment

After 4.5 hours on Zoom without pause, it was time to sign into a meeting with a student. I had reached out in concern and we agreed to meet at 5 pm tonight. Can you guess the outcome? To be fair, I was contacted and asked if we could change the time to Monday. ItContinue reading “February 26 Day 355: Disappointment”

February 25 Day 354: Crowdsourcing Topics for Short Math Videos

The #TacomaMath work group of the STEAM Learning Network is working to positively change the mathematical culture in my city of Tacoma. We’ve employed various strategies throughout the pandemic, see July 25 Day 139: #TacomaMath. Starting this month, our workgroup has been creating Math Around Town recordings—one per week—suitable for school age children. No longer thanContinue reading “February 25 Day 354: Crowdsourcing Topics for Short Math Videos”

February 24 Day 353: Origami Butterflies

I wanted to make the first informal MAA Board of Directors meeting special. In the past when we met in person, after a full day of work, we would share a meal and get to know one another better. Those moments of community, making connections with interesting people, is a tremendous perk of serving theContinue reading “February 24 Day 353: Origami Butterflies”

February 23 Day 352: Deep Appreciation

During this time of extended stress and struggle, there are some people that keep me going. First and foremost is my family. My husband usually brings me coffee and breakfast to start my day. He visits regularly for a kiss or to make sure I have what I need. The son at home also checksContinue reading “February 23 Day 352: Deep Appreciation”

February 22 Day 351: In Focus

MAA Focus is the newsmagazine of the Mathematical Association of America, edited by Jaqueline Jensen-Vallin. First, I want to thank Jackie for the tremendous job that she does putting the magazine together with support from managing editor and art director, Bev Ruedi, and the MAA Focus editorial board. The February-March Issue dropped today and IContinue reading “February 22 Day 351: In Focus”

February 21 Day 350: Where Did the Day Go?

It’s nearly midnight and I have yet to think about today’s post. I worked some. I graded some. I prepared for several of tomorrow’s meetings. I spoke with my Mother (who is super excited that herons are nest-building in the tree tops near her house) and with my son returned to college earlier this monthContinue reading “February 21 Day 350: Where Did the Day Go?”

February 20 Day 349: Florida Celebration

I want to give a shout out to all of the executive officers in the MAA Florida section meeting. They were the test subjects for all the virtual spring MAA section meetings to come. The background. The pandemic has stressed everyone. Several members of the FL MAA executive committee resigned this year because they didContinue reading “February 20 Day 349: Florida Celebration”

February 19 Day 348: Tech Lessons

Despite best intentions, it is critical to test everything…twice. Learning technology limitations the hard way is never fun. It’s like the first time you learn that a shared Google document can only accommodate 100 users. Or that a screen shared from an iPad user does not allow for zoom annotation by others but an iPadContinue reading “February 19 Day 348: Tech Lessons”