July 31 Day 145: Zoom Sort Puzzle

The last three days have been filled with productive zoom meetings that should have taken place in person at MathFest in Philapelphia. The meetings were masterfully coordinated by MAA President Michael Dorff and chair of the Congress Tim Chartier. They were a good balance of receiving information, discussing priorities, and connecting with participants through engagingContinue reading “July 31 Day 145: Zoom Sort Puzzle”

July 25 Day 139: #TacomaMath

Two months ago, in May 24 Day 77: Shine Your Light, the second bullet point on my big-dreaming summer to-do list stated “Support local Tacoma Math Walks #TacomaMath through responsible socially-distant math walks. The pandemic knocked the feet out from under this project in March. Its time to pivot, re-engage community partners, and move the dialContinue reading “July 25 Day 139: #TacomaMath”

July 21 Day 135: Living Proof

Because of this blog, I was asked by Allison Henrich and Matthew Pons with write a post for the AMS blog Living Proof: Stories of Resilience along the Mathematical Journey about my challenges and struggles teaching through the COVID-19 pandemic. I did and it appeared today. It’s an emotional reflection of Spring quarter 2020. IContinue reading “July 21 Day 135: Living Proof”

July 4 Day 118: Anxious Dreaming

I usually don’t remember my dreams. But last night was different—a classic anxiety dream about teaching on the first day of the Fall Quarter to come. The location was a cross between an upscale mall and the Museum of Glass. Tables and chairs (and couches on bleachers) were set-up around glass sculptures and art displaysContinue reading “July 4 Day 118: Anxious Dreaming”

July 1, Day 115: Woah, We’re Halfway There

Even though I have been on a hiatus from the blog, I would be remiss not to notice that today we are halfway through 2020. I have spent the last two weeks on self-care: getting plenty of sleep, restarting an exercise routine, and even enjoying my first massage in over three months. It feels likeContinue reading “July 1, Day 115: Woah, We’re Halfway There”