April 27 Day 415: A Mountain Morning

It was a glorious morning promenading across the Wilson Way bridge to Dune Pennisula Park. Mount Ranier shone in all its glory. It makes me grateful for this place we live and the people I get to share it with. I’ve notice on my walks that fewer people are masked. Admittedly, I carry a maskContinue reading “April 27 Day 415: A Mountain Morning”

April 21 Day 409: An Eleven Hour Whirlwind

It’s crunch time. My youngest needs to make his college decision. But because of the pandemic, the only college visits he had were three years ago when he was dragged along on his brother’s tour. I promised before he made his final choice, we would visit the campuses he was considering. I can neither confirmContinue reading “April 21 Day 409: An Eleven Hour Whirlwind”

April 20 Day 408: One Step Closer

Today was Zachary’s first vaccination. Washington State opened vaccinations to people 16 years and older on April 15. I found a drive through site in Dupont administering the Pfizer vaccine with open appointments last week and this morning we drove the 30 minutes (with traffic), to the location. It was extremely well-organized. The concentric circlesContinue reading “April 20 Day 408: One Step Closer”

April 7 Day 395: Second Hope

I’m waiting my 15 minutes, followed by 2 more weeks. I’m surprised how emotional I feel. There is a lump in my throat and tears pool in my eyes as I thank everyone involved from the volunteers on crowd control to the RNs dispensing the coveted elixir. I can finally imagine visiting my family inContinue reading “April 7 Day 395: Second Hope”