December 24 Day 1021: Jollification

Today I managed to submit an article for publication, design our holiday card (finally), and wrap all the presents. It’s been a fine day of merrymaking. I am prepared to celebrate with others tomorrow. This elf is ready for a long winter’s nap. Happy, merry jollification one and all.

October 2 Day 938: Angeles Angels

NCTM brought me back to spend time in LA. I lived there for a dozen years as I was starting my career. I got my first academic job there. I got divorced there. I found my loving and supportive partner there. I gave birth to two sons there. There was lots of nostalgia, both goodContinue reading “October 2 Day 938: Angeles Angels”

August 27 Day 902: Spreading Math Joy

#TacomaMath participated in the 18th Annual Back To School Bash hosted by Pastor Kevin Rogers and the City of Faith Christian Center. It was amazing! My son Anson and I arrived an hour early at 9 am and families were already lining up to participate. Free backpacks, school supplies, haircuts, immunization clinics, and sports physicalsContinue reading “August 27 Day 902: Spreading Math Joy”

August 26 Day 901: Border Run

Washington-Oregon border that is. It was a quick down-and-back to Salem, Oregon to drop off my youngest for his sophomore year of college. I loved our time together just talking. He was pleased with his new space and allowed me to take photos. It was emotionally easier to drop him off this year than last.Continue reading “August 26 Day 901: Border Run”

July 22 Day 866: Isolation Complete

It’s been five days since my husband tested positive for Covid. Since then, the entire family has been testing daily, I have been sleeping on the futon couch in my study, and he has been lonely in his isolation. His symptoms were mild (haven’t we all been tired all the time since this damnable virusContinue reading “July 22 Day 866: Isolation Complete”

July 17 Day 861: Just When You Think It’s All Over

I’ve been thinking it might be time to morph this blog, Math in the Time of Corona, into something new. After all, it’s been 861 days since my first emergency remote class was taught March 9, 2020. Vaccines have been created, debated, and updated. Masks are no longer mandated. People are venturing out on delayedContinue reading “July 17 Day 861: Just When You Think It’s All Over”

July 7 Day 851: Ready to Soar

I’m not exactly sure what time zone I’m in. I work when I need to and sleep when I want. I keep waking up really early. So yesterday I decided to go for a morning walk. I captured this bald eagle being harassed by crows along the Ruston waterfront just after sunrise. Now I amContinue reading “July 7 Day 851: Ready to Soar”

July 1 Day 845: Markish

Mark was in full-on performance mode today. He presented his seminar to a responsive audience and ran a #LuxArt workshop. It’s lovely seeing him be himself (aka being Markish) and spreading his love of microbiology around the world. So proud of this man. And so happy to share in this experience with him. (I amContinue reading “July 1 Day 845: Markish”

April 22 Day 775: Ready for Take-off?

At the start of today’s virtual meeting and I was faced with the following screen. Umm… OK. But how long do I wait until I start to worry? I emailed the organizer and got a direct link pretty quickly. The session was good although sparsely attended. I chalked it up to the pains of anContinue reading “April 22 Day 775: Ready for Take-off?”

March 19 Day 741: Joys of ‘Spring Break’

It’s the first official day of spring break for UW Tacoma and Willamette University. My son Zach and I are lounging in the family room, working on math—he is getting a start on his homework, I am grading final projects. I enjoy chatting with him about mathematical induction, giving LaTeX tips, and providing feedback onContinue reading “March 19 Day 741: Joys of ‘Spring Break’”