December 24 Day 1021: Jollification

Today I managed to submit an article for publication, design our holiday card (finally), and wrap all the presents. It’s been a fine day of merrymaking. I am prepared to celebrate with others tomorrow. This elf is ready for a long winter’s nap. Happy, merry jollification one and all.

July 2 Day 846: OMG

Our final day in The Netherlands was jam-packed with Overwhelming Mictobial Goodness (OMG), an acronym attributed to Mark O. Martin. Mark and Ariane met at the Lab to ‘image’ the #luxart from yesterday’s session. Afterward we visited Leiden’s Saturday market. We now know the best places to buy bread, cheese, tarts, and fish. We sampledContinue reading “July 2 Day 846: OMG”

June 30 Day 844: This Is The Way to Travel

I have absolutely no complaints about our adventures in the Netherlands. We are in Leiden because of connections that Mark has in science and Ariane Briegel and Dennis Claessen are taking fantastic care of us. We got to observe a PhD defense today (mostly in Dutch) in an old university building. The examination committee woreContinue reading “June 30 Day 844: This Is The Way to Travel”

June 24 Day 838: Cancelled

Like so many travelers in the world right now, our flight has been cancelled. I learned this when I checked the app before going to bed. There it was on the welcome screen in a colored box under the flight travel time CANCELLED. I clicked on the link and it invited me to rebook myContinue reading “June 24 Day 838: Cancelled”

October 31 Day 602: Goodbye AMATYC

I’m feel very lucky. I get to go home. Several of my AMATYC friends are affected by the American Airlines cancellation of more than 1700 flights since Friday. They are scrambling to find new hotels and extending child care for another day (or two.) Being in the last presentation slot of the meeting, I expectedContinue reading “October 31 Day 602: Goodbye AMATYC”

March 15 Day 372: Ides of March

No soothsayers warned me to beware. I think I needed them yesterday. Seriously, things are looking up. First, thank you all for your warm birthday wishes and serious concern. At least I will have a good story to tell in the future—and that is worth something. The car is at the repair shop; we areContinue reading “March 15 Day 372: Ides of March”

March 7 Day 364: Home Stretch

I am prepared for my last week of Winter quarter 2021—except for writing the final that needs to be distributed on Thursday (and performing the oral interviews one week later). I’ve checked off some big To-Do items from my list and am waiting for responses before I can finish them completely. I am thoroughly readyContinue reading “March 7 Day 364: Home Stretch”

January 21 Day 319: Connection

Today was punctuated with many one-on-one interactions with people I care deeply about. Whether it was planned research time, a fortunate coincidence in, a telephone call (gasp, how novel!), or the family meal, everything helped make this world a little smaller and a little more caring. Plus I got to work with my studentsContinue reading “January 21 Day 319: Connection”

December 16 Day 283: Words of Gratitude

I am overwhelmed by the kind words I have received from students today. Some have come in email, others through the Course Management System, and some even “screen-to-screen” (since we weren’t actually face-to-face) at the end of their oral interviews. “Thanks again for the great quarter and helping me learn, and have a good day!”Continue reading “December 16 Day 283: Words of Gratitude”