August 26 Day 901: Border Run

Washington-Oregon border that is. It was a quick down-and-back to Salem, Oregon to drop off my youngest for his sophomore year of college. I loved our time together just talking. He was pleased with his new space and allowed me to take photos. It was emotionally easier to drop him off this year than last.Continue reading “August 26 Day 901: Border Run”

July 17 Day 861: Just When You Think It’s All Over

I’ve been thinking it might be time to morph this blog, Math in the Time of Corona, into something new. After all, it’s been 861 days since my first emergency remote class was taught March 9, 2020. Vaccines have been created, debated, and updated. Masks are no longer mandated. People are venturing out on delayedContinue reading “July 17 Day 861: Just When You Think It’s All Over”

July 12 Day 856: MoMA in NYC

We had a family filled weekend in TN celebrating big birthdays of my cousin, my uncle, and my sister. It was four generations from the Vincent side of the family—Great Grandma Betsy to the barely two week old Betsy Jean. Since then, Mark and I ventured to a New York State of mind to finallyContinue reading “July 12 Day 856: MoMA in NYC”

July 7 Day 851: Ready to Soar

I’m not exactly sure what time zone I’m in. I work when I need to and sleep when I want. I keep waking up really early. So yesterday I decided to go for a morning walk. I captured this bald eagle being harassed by crows along the Ruston waterfront just after sunrise. Now I amContinue reading “July 7 Day 851: Ready to Soar”

March 19 Day 741: Joys of ‘Spring Break’

It’s the first official day of spring break for UW Tacoma and Willamette University. My son Zach and I are lounging in the family room, working on math—he is getting a start on his homework, I am grading final projects. I enjoy chatting with him about mathematical induction, giving LaTeX tips, and providing feedback onContinue reading “March 19 Day 741: Joys of ‘Spring Break’”

March 14 Day 736: My Wish

Whether you love it or hate it, Pi Day is a favorite day of mine because it is also my birthday. So what do I wish for on this, my third, birthday affected by the coronavirus? World peace. That’s a hard one to deliver on right now but I can make the wish. A returnContinue reading “March 14 Day 736: My Wish”

December 27 Day 659: Holiday Cards

I always try to get our holiday card designed and printed before Christmas. If I am very good, I manage to get them in the mail before December 25. This year the printing was finished on Christmas Eve, many cards were addressed on Boxing Day, and the first batch were delivered to the post officeContinue reading “December 27 Day 659: Holiday Cards”

December 21 Day 653: Mileage Run Part 3

Mission Completion! Gold status has been verified in the Alaska Airline app and I got to meet my son AT THE GATE on his holiday travels home. The last time I did that was when the kids were travelling as unaccompanied minors to visit my parents in TN. I have fond memories of childhood waitingContinue reading “December 21 Day 653: Mileage Run Part 3”

December 20 Day 652: Submitted

Grades are submitted and I have four days to prepare for a family Christmas. It’s a little late to start thinking about the holidays, but I have been preoccupied with other priorities until now. My youngest put up the tree and lights last night. There is still decorating to be done. This will be theContinue reading “December 20 Day 652: Submitted”