January 21 Day 1049: Of Rogues and Rabbits

Happy Lunar New Years Eve. That means it’s time to get excited for Monkeyshines in Tacoma. Thanks to Ms. Monkey and her monkey business, Tacoma gets the best present around Lunar New Year. She and her family make and hide glass medallions and orbs pressed with the Chinese zodiac symbol for the coming year. OverContinue reading “January 21 Day 1049: Of Rogues and Rabbits”

January 14 Day 1042: Only Two Weeks?

Its two weeks into the New Year and I haven’t managed a single blog post. It’s been two weeks of teaching. (Winter quarter starts early at UW.) Two weeks of late nights and early mornings. Two weeks of forging new connections while juggling old responsibilities. I will find my groove. I always do. I’m justContinue reading “January 14 Day 1042: Only Two Weeks?”

December 28 Day 1025: The Tide is High

This morning’s walk evidenced a higher than usual tide—although according to Metro Parks workers, yesterday’s was worse. Mark and I arrived for our morning walk at 9 am. The drain holes in the Point Defiance Boathouse were letting water in. And twenty minutes later the entire floor was covered in water. The promenade to OwenContinue reading “December 28 Day 1025: The Tide is High”

October 23 Day 959: Boardwalking

I wanted to see a sunrise over the Atlantic. So I got up way too early for a girl still living on Pacific time and drove the Ocean City, NJ. It was cloudy, showing no color but grey. I enjoyed walking the boardwalk as the sky lightened, imagining the summer crowds. Only one shop wasContinue reading “October 23 Day 959: Boardwalking”

October 14 Day 950: Shall Dare Bad Air

I’ve been avoiding my morning walk partly because of work, partly because of travel, and partly because of bad air. Today was a doozy—an air quality index of 154 this morning. I decided to throw caution to the wind and brave the great outdoors. One thing you can say about smoky skies, they make forContinue reading “October 14 Day 950: Shall Dare Bad Air”