November 5 Day 972: Hanging Out with Abe and Al

The MAA Board meeting ended early this afternoon and I spent the rest of my day wandering about DC. It was a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon; plenty of other folks had the same idea. I was not alone in my travels. It started at the Renwick Gallery to see Chawne Kimber’s quilt still notContinue reading “November 5 Day 972: Hanging Out with Abe and Al”

July 28 Day 872: Gone Fishing

It’s been hot in the Pacific Northwest this week. To beat the heat, I took a walk along the waterfront as the sun was rising. Seems like others had the same idea. The place was bustling with joggers, bicyclists, and fisherfolk. I was a little late getting up and so I missed the morning’s fullContinue reading “July 28 Day 872: Gone Fishing”

April 6 Day 759: Monkey Business

I don’t know how he did it, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my husband loves me. Walking up to the front door of our house, what do you spy? A sad rhododendron and something blue and shiny peeking out of an old plastic plant pot. To my delight and surprise,Continue reading “April 6 Day 759: Monkey Business”

March 20 Day 377: New to Me

It took 3 hours. But we have a new-to-us Subaru Forester. A recent trade-in— one year younger and 4K miles less travelled than our recently totaled vehicle. It’s snazzy with more bells and whistles. Not a color I would choose if I was buying new, but I’m not complaining. Black with black leather interior andContinue reading “March 20 Day 377: New to Me”