August 16 Day 161: I Salute You

To those who are about to teach, I salute you. For some, next week marks the beginning of the ‘Autumn’ term. For others, like myself, there are still six more weeks until S-day (S for the Start of the term.) It was not where I imagined we would be 161 days ago. My optimism failedContinue reading “August 16 Day 161: I Salute You”

August 11 Day 156: Chihulys Revealed

Just in case you were still wondering there were two dahlias pictured and two Chihuly glass sculptures. The first image in each gallery was from the posting on August 8: Live or Chihuly and subsequent images in each gallery are zoomed out versions. First is a dahlia from Point Definance: Second is a Chihuly locatedContinue reading “August 11 Day 156: Chihulys Revealed”

August 6 Day 151: Not Really that Surprised

And just like that—any class that can be taught remotely, will be taught remotely. I’m not surprised. We would have to be in Phase 3 for face-to-face classes and Pierce County, WA is not even close. Yes, there are more than seven weeks to turn things around (UW Tacoma is on a quarter system andContinue reading “August 6 Day 151: Not Really that Surprised”