December 24 Day 291: Not a Creature was Stirring

The dinner dishes are washed and it’s finally time to wrap the meager presents I have accumulated for my family this Christmas. I did not do much shopping and half the things I ordered online have yet to arrive. There are stockings to fill, pictures of coming gifts to print, and presents to wrap. IContinue reading “December 24 Day 291: Not a Creature was Stirring”

December 23 Day 290: Ode to Tacoma’s 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas is coming. I’ve been working on a Tacoma version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. What do you think? I am in need of original photos for 11, 9, 4, and 3 but I hope I have captured the spirit of Tacoma. Twelve geese a-gliding, Eleven sailboats sailing, Ten seals a-bobbing, Nine locks safeguarding,Continue reading “December 23 Day 290: Ode to Tacoma’s 12 Days of Christmas”

December 22 Day 289: Recreate to Celebrate

What a fun social “hour” hosted by the MAA Special Interest Group for Recreational Math (SIGMAA REC). I was there for more than three hours–chatting, playing, and meeting friends. I had an intimate conversation with a dear old friend, just the two of us. I had different small group conversations about math clubs, covid, andContinue reading “December 22 Day 289: Recreate to Celebrate”

December 20 Day 287: Holiday Gathering

In this time when we are suppose to limit our exposure to others, indoor gatherings of friends and family are frowned upon. How is a girl supposed to celebrate the holidays with the family she loves? Especially when they are over 2500 miles away? My husband will groan, but I am suggesting They haveContinue reading “December 20 Day 287: Holiday Gathering”

December 19 Day 286: By the Numbers

286: The number of days since the University of Washington system suspended face-to-face classes on all three campuses to address concerns around a novel and rapidly spreading coronavirus. 200: The number of posts I have made to Math in the Time of Corona at this time—essentially one per day for two quarters with a summerContinue reading “December 19 Day 286: By the Numbers”

December 18 Day 285: Finally Finished

After 5 days of oral assessment, including 19 interviews between 8 am and 3:30 pm today with hardly a moment to breathe, I can report that the final assessment interviews for Autumn 2020 are finished. With more than twice as many students as last spring, I feel as if I have entered a Zoom coma.Continue reading “December 18 Day 285: Finally Finished”

December 17 Day 284: You Know It’s Been One of “Those” Days When…

…for this first time in 13.3 years, you send a reply all message to the entire school without intending to. Oops. Nobody really needed to know that. I am too tired to be embarrassed. Sending a retraction only draws attention to it. People will know it was an accident, right?

December 16 Day 283: Words of Gratitude

I am overwhelmed by the kind words I have received from students today. Some have come in email, others through the Course Management System, and some even “screen-to-screen” (since we weren’t actually face-to-face) at the end of their oral interviews. “Thanks again for the great quarter and helping me learn, and have a good day!”Continue reading “December 16 Day 283: Words of Gratitude”