November 8 Day 610: Oral Assessment Redux

Oral assessment was something I adopted during remote teaching mostly to reduce the adversarial relationship between me and my students. By giving the problems in advance and allowing all resources (including Chegg and other online services) for preparation, no one was violating academic conduct rules. However, each student must individually present solutions to a smallContinue reading “November 8 Day 610: Oral Assessment Redux”

December 18 Day 285: Finally Finished

After 5 days of oral assessment, including 19 interviews between 8 am and 3:30 pm today with hardly a moment to breathe, I can report that the final assessment interviews for Autumn 2020 are finished. With more than twice as many students as last spring, I feel as if I have entered a Zoom coma.Continue reading “December 18 Day 285: Finally Finished”

November 8 Day 245: Comparison

The last group oral assessment I administered required 10.5 hours (21 groups of 2-3 students each for a 30 minute time slot) plus another hour or so for uploading comments. That might seem like a lot but for comparison consider today—I have been grading the individual online assessment from last week. I’m about halfway doneContinue reading “November 8 Day 245: Comparison”

October 13 Day 219: Examining Exams

I participated in UW Seattle’s CTL Teaching Remotely Pop-Up on “Timed Exams and Alternatives” while giving a timed assessment in my Calculus II class. To be clear, the assessment became available Monday at 6 pm (after class was completed) and must be finished before Wednesday at 1:30 pm. Only two students were actually taking theContinue reading “October 13 Day 219: Examining Exams”