April 24 Day 777: Lesson from Nature

You know what they say, “all work and no fun,…” Sometimes I focus too much on what I have yet to finish that I forget to take time to play. My morning motivation to see the sunrise was to think about a new topic for a #TacomaMath video. I got some fun photos that willContinue reading “April 24 Day 777: Lesson from Nature”

April 22 Day 775: Ready for Take-off?

At the start of today’s virtual meeting and I was faced with the following screen. Umm… OK. But how long do I wait until I start to worry? I emailed the organizer and got a direct link pretty quickly. The session was good although sparsely attended. I chalked it up to the pains of anContinue reading “April 22 Day 775: Ready for Take-off?”

April 21 Day 774: Emotional Inventory

After having attended two MAA Spring Section Meetings in-person, one in Rome, Georgia and the other in Bellingham, WA (day 1, day 2) it is a little bit of a let down to have this weekend’s meeting be remote. I’m not inspired to attend the same way I would be for a gathering in realContinue reading “April 21 Day 774: Emotional Inventory”

April 19 Day 772: Behind Blue Eyes

I have been able to function all day after having received my fourth COVID vaccination yesterday. I’ve been nursing a headache behind my left eye and have a mild fever. That seems par for the course. Inconvenience now for enhanced protection later. I have worked from the office all day. There is one more 45Continue reading “April 19 Day 772: Behind Blue Eyes”

April 17 Day 770: Taxes Completed

Taxes used to be more much more complicated. Itemization. Charitable donations. Mortgage interest. Property taxes. I would have detailed spreadsheets delineating every aspect of our expenses. For the third year in a row, the standard deduction is best (mostly because many of our deductions were eliminated). It sure makes completing our taxes simpler. But nowContinue reading “April 17 Day 770: Taxes Completed”

April 14 Day 767: Appreciate Your Surroundings

Today’s walk brought many delights. Everyone I passed greeted me with a smile and that made the morning feel special in and of itself. Then nature showed her beauty in unexpected ways. I was greeted by this fine feathered friend surveying the waterfront–later caught in flight over the masts in the marina. How many harborContinue reading “April 14 Day 767: Appreciate Your Surroundings”

April 12 Day 765: Seems Ironic

I led part 1 of a two part MAA webinar today with collaborators Ed Aboufadel, Grand Valley State; Jill Dietz, St Olaf College; and Pahdu Seshaiyer, George Mason University. We talked about best practices in faculty hiring. And I think it went pretty well. Technologically, there were no major hiccups. We used Desmos as ourContinue reading “April 12 Day 765: Seems Ironic”

April 8 Day 761: A Virtual Friday Evening at #JMM2022

I enjoyed the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) poster session, business meeting, and award reception this evening. I love that they created a Gather space for the event. It was an opportunity to catch up with friends and celebrate accomplishments. AWM is a mighty organization that empowered me to become a better leader. IContinue reading “April 8 Day 761: A Virtual Friday Evening at #JMM2022”

April 7 Day 760: A Conference Deferred

I am so over virtual conferences. It’s hard to motivate myself to attend and focus. Based on the attendance I am seeing at some of the sessions today, I’m not the only person feeling this way. The big January Math Meeting (AKA JMM2022) didn’t happen in January because of the omicron variant. Joining math friendsContinue reading “April 7 Day 760: A Conference Deferred”