March 30 Day 1117: Is It Time?

I have been writing this blog for over 3 years—initially contributions were daily but now they are trickling to just a few each month. Is it time to declare Math in the Time of Corona a thing of the past? Evidence in favor of a positive response: Evidence in favor of a negative response: PerhapsContinue reading “March 30 Day 1117: Is It Time?”

March 6 Day 1093: Where Were You?

It was three years ago today that UW President Ana Mari Cauce sent this email: The Friday morning message called for emergency remote teaching by the very next workday. The speed of the transition was dizzying. I was on a writing retreat at Pack Forest with a handful of my Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences colleagues.Continue reading “March 6 Day 1093: Where Were You?”

February 1 Day 1060: Return to…

Normal? I’m not sure we’ll ever get back there. But its closer to “life before.” Today was a big day. I officially became the Past-President of the Mathematical Association of America. I loved my time leading this organization for the past two years despite the wrench that the pandemic through into my plans. My successor,Continue reading “February 1 Day 1060: Return to…”

December 31 Day 1028: Here’s to 2022

The last day of the year brings reflections on the past and hopes for the future. It was a good year with a rough start and a whirlwind finish. The delta and omicron strains of COVID required pivoting from our plans for a return to normal. But by summer, travel was back in full forceContinue reading “December 31 Day 1028: Here’s to 2022”

October 22 Day 958: NJ Resilient

While I have attended a few “first meetings since…”, this was the MAA New Jersey Section’s first in-person meeting since the start of COVID. They were planning for in-person last Spring but Omicron subvariants threw a wrench in the plans. Spring pivoted to virtual. As with many of the first meetings back, attendance was lighterContinue reading “October 22 Day 958: NJ Resilient”

October 10 Day 946: Let’s Get On the Bus

Another post-covid first—the first Pierce Transit bus ride since March 2020. With three adults at home and only two cars, sometimes public transportation is required. My son dropped me off at work early this morning and I made my way home on the bus. Suffice it to say that alternate routes due to construction madeContinue reading “October 10 Day 946: Let’s Get On the Bus”

October 4 Day 940: Boosted Bivalently

I took advantage of the pop-up vaccination clinic on campus. It was quick and easy. The hardest part was waiting the 15 minutes to be released. Nine hours later, all I want to do is close my eyes and drift off to sleep. I guess those files aren’t going to get read and the homeworkContinue reading “October 4 Day 940: Boosted Bivalently”

August 26 Day 901: Border Run

Washington-Oregon border that is. It was a quick down-and-back to Salem, Oregon to drop off my youngest for his sophomore year of college. I loved our time together just talking. He was pleased with his new space and allowed me to take photos. It was emotionally easier to drop him off this year than last.Continue reading “August 26 Day 901: Border Run”

August 18 Day 893: Delayed but not Forgotten

It was been 2 weeks since my last post. Where has the time gone? I had every intention to write daily at MathFest. But truth to tell, preparations and other obligations started too early in the morning and kept me up too late at night. Plus I was so focused on my responsibilities that IContinue reading “August 18 Day 893: Delayed but not Forgotten”

July 22 Day 866: Isolation Complete

It’s been five days since my husband tested positive for Covid. Since then, the entire family has been testing daily, I have been sleeping on the futon couch in my study, and he has been lonely in his isolation. His symptoms were mild (haven’t we all been tired all the time since this damnable virusContinue reading “July 22 Day 866: Isolation Complete”