March 6 Day 1093: Where Were You?

It was three years ago today that UW President Ana Mari Cauce sent this email: The Friday morning message called for emergency remote teaching by the very next workday. The speed of the transition was dizzying. I was on a writing retreat at Pack Forest with a handful of my Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences colleagues.Continue reading “March 6 Day 1093: Where Were You?”

Why this? Why now?

I started journaling the day after the announcement that the University of Washington’s three campus’s classes would suspend face-to-face interactions and go online. Mostly posts were on Facebook. Some were on MAA Connect, the Mathematical Association of America’s member platform. Maybe it’s because I was in the leading edge of the emergency transition. Maybe itsContinue reading “Why this? Why now?”

March 15 Day 7: Early Adopters

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. You brought a ray of sunshine to my day.   I tried to count the number of institutions of higher learning that have gone to online classes or extended Spring breaks with subsequent online classes, but lost count after 550. Then I started to wonder how many institutions ofContinue reading “March 15 Day 7: Early Adopters”

March 9 Day 1: Where Were the Students?

Reflections on the first day teaching but not in face-to-face classes: Where were the students? Less than half the enrolled students zoomed in. I post the recording online later but still…do they interpret cancelling f2f =cancelling class entirely? Even after I messaged them on Friday and again this morning? That being said, I think thoseContinue reading “March 9 Day 1: Where Were the Students?”

Saturday, March 7. Day -1: It Begins

Written sometime in the afternoon. Posted to MAA Connect Monday March 9, 9:40 am. Yesterday was a whirlwind in Washington State. In-person classes were suspended at many institutions including the entire UW system for the rest of winter quarter.  Alternatives to in-class final exams are needed in one week. Thankfully, I regularly use a ZoomContinue reading “Saturday, March 7. Day -1: It Begins”