December 31 Day 1028: Here’s to 2022

The last day of the year brings reflections on the past and hopes for the future. It was a good year with a rough start and a whirlwind finish. The delta and omicron strains of COVID required pivoting from our plans for a return to normal. But by summer, travel was back in full forceContinue reading “December 31 Day 1028: Here’s to 2022”

December 2 Day 999: Mathematical Cooperation

It was a full day’s meeting at the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences. Presidents, Executive Directors, and friends of 19 different mathematics organizations met to work together and support each other in their efforts to promote research, improve education, and expand the uses of mathematics. It’s a great group of people and I amContinue reading “December 2 Day 999: Mathematical Cooperation”

November 16 Day 983: The Things We Do For Our Students

I’m sitting at the airport with an hour to wait before boarding the first leg of my journey to Toronto. I distinctly remember swearing off red-eye flights but I seem to keep taking them. When I was younger, I choose red-eyes because of cost. Now I am selecting them because of scheduling. I am travelingContinue reading “November 16 Day 983: The Things We Do For Our Students”

November 3 Day 970: What a Beautiful Site!

I arrived in DC at 4:30 pm. No flight issues for me, thank goodness. There was plenty of time to meet up with another MAA Board member at the airport, grab a cab, tour the new HQ, enjoy empanadas for dinner, and run the MAA annual business meeting— virtually. I must admit that I amContinue reading “November 3 Day 970: What a Beautiful Site!”

October 22 Day 958: NJ Resilient

While I have attended a few “first meetings since…”, this was the MAA New Jersey Section’s first in-person meeting since the start of COVID. They were planning for in-person last Spring but Omicron subvariants threw a wrench in the plans. Spring pivoted to virtual. As with many of the first meetings back, attendance was lighterContinue reading “October 22 Day 958: NJ Resilient”

September 24 Day 930: Cool Flex

Just a quick post to share yesterday’s hexahexaflexagon. While packing this morning, I found a few more completed flexagons stored in the pages of a book. So I can show you the six sides and share instructions for making your own. And here is the flattened version that you can print, cut, fold, and glueContinue reading “September 24 Day 930: Cool Flex”

September 23 Day 929: Celebrate and Play

COVID changed everything: the way we work. The way we play. And how MAA celebrates its award winners. So today, in the heart of the NYC financial district we brought together United States Math Olympiad (USAMO), European Girls Math Olympiad (EGMO), and International Math Olympiad (IMO) winners, together with their families, for a celebration ofContinue reading “September 23 Day 929: Celebrate and Play”

August 18 Day 893: Delayed but not Forgotten

It was been 2 weeks since my last post. Where has the time gone? I had every intention to write daily at MathFest. But truth to tell, preparations and other obligations started too early in the morning and kept me up too late at night. Plus I was so focused on my responsibilities that IContinue reading “August 18 Day 893: Delayed but not Forgotten”

August 3 Day 878: MAA MathFest Day 1—Let the Celebration Begin

MathFest is off to a great start. The MAA Congress met in person for the first time since MathFest 2019 in Cincinnati. Most Congress members had only met over Zoom. We learned how much the MAA has accomplished during that time (the last year in particular), and began thinking about setting new strategic goals forContinue reading “August 3 Day 878: MAA MathFest Day 1—Let the Celebration Begin”

August 1 Day 876: Safe Journeys to MAA MathFest Everyone

Let the posts about traveling to MAA MathFest 2022 commence. My own awkward boarding selfie (#ABS) graces the cover of this post. I have been traveling a fair amount this summer and each time I am in an airport, the number of people wearing masks seems fewer and fewer. Even my friend Allison commented onContinue reading “August 1 Day 876: Safe Journeys to MAA MathFest Everyone”