January 21 Day 1049: Of Rogues and Rabbits

Happy Lunar New Years Eve. That means it’s time to get excited for Monkeyshines in Tacoma. Thanks to Ms. Monkey and her monkey business, Tacoma gets the best present around Lunar New Year. She and her family make and hide glass medallions and orbs pressed with the Chinese zodiac symbol for the coming year. OverContinue reading “January 21 Day 1049: Of Rogues and Rabbits”

September 24 Day 930: Cool Flex

Just a quick post to share yesterday’s hexahexaflexagon. While packing this morning, I found a few more completed flexagons stored in the pages of a book. So I can show you the six sides and share instructions for making your own. And here is the flattened version that you can print, cut, fold, and glueContinue reading “September 24 Day 930: Cool Flex”

August 18 Day 893: Delayed but not Forgotten

It was been 2 weeks since my last post. Where has the time gone? I had every intention to write daily at MathFest. But truth to tell, preparations and other obligations started too early in the morning and kept me up too late at night. Plus I was so focused on my responsibilities that IContinue reading “August 18 Day 893: Delayed but not Forgotten”

August 24 Day 534: Letting Go

Zachary, my youngest son, is off at Opening Days for his first-year college experience. When his brother Anson leaves for his senior year at college in two weeks, Mark and I will officially be empty nesters. I have conflicting feelings about all of it. For my children, I am so excited for their adventures toContinue reading “August 24 Day 534: Letting Go”

March 13 Day 370: Celebrate with Friends

It was a glorious day. I spent the afternoon with my husband Mark and friends Sue and Paul. We celebrated my birthday, which is officially tomorrow. Yes, I am a particularly lucky mathematician to have a birthday on Pi Day. We shared lunch at a charming bistro Citron, in Parkland, checked out the Russian marketContinue reading “March 13 Day 370: Celebrate with Friends”

March 3 Day 360: Success!

Sometimes, things work out better than imagined. Now that the talk has been given, I am a Desmos Teacher convert. So much so, that I am wondering how to incorporate it into future talks (and classrooms activities) when we return to in-person interactions. The planned activities went smoothly. Each person individually selected an item thatContinue reading “March 3 Day 360: Success!”

February 20 Day 349: Florida Celebration

I want to give a shout out to all of the executive officers in the MAA Florida section meeting. They were the test subjects for all the virtual spring MAA section meetings to come. The background. The pandemic has stressed everyone. Several members of the FL MAA executive committee resigned this year because they didContinue reading “February 20 Day 349: Florida Celebration”

February 2 Day 331: Uplifting Moment

Dr. Talithia Williams, Happy Birthday. I was lucky enough to be talking with a mutual friend today and obtain the secret code to your birthday zoom. What a wonderful occasion! I know you as an inspiring speaker, teacher, mathematician, and statistician. To see you through the eyes of others was wondrous. Unapologetically yourself. Spiritual. Loyal.Continue reading “February 2 Day 331: Uplifting Moment”

December 24 Day 291: Not a Creature was Stirring

The dinner dishes are washed and it’s finally time to wrap the meager presents I have accumulated for my family this Christmas. I did not do much shopping and half the things I ordered online have yet to arrive. There are stockings to fill, pictures of coming gifts to print, and presents to wrap. IContinue reading “December 24 Day 291: Not a Creature was Stirring”