September 30 Day 936: Live from LA, It’s NCTM!

This is my second time attending the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference, the first time in-person. It’s been simultaneously inspiring, exhausting, and humbling. I knew more people than expected including colleagues, friends, and past students from long ago when I lived and worked in Los Angeles. Yet I felt very much alone. GreatContinue reading “September 30 Day 936: Live from LA, It’s NCTM!”

September 28 Day 934: Officially Autumn

We have passed the autumnal equinox; leaves are changing colors; and classes started at the University of Washington for Autumn quarter. Summer is over. The energy in class today was amazing. 100% attendance. Lots of positive group interactions. I’m excited to see how our community develops. After talking with my youngest son about his currentContinue reading “September 28 Day 934: Officially Autumn”

September 27 Day 933: No Wonder USPS is in Trouble

I came to campus for final preparations of tomorrow’s opening class this quarter. I checked my office mail for the first time in eight months. During this time, the United States Postal Service brought 2 hand written letters, 5 math publications, and 1 book advertisement. What does it say about the volume of electronic communicationsContinue reading “September 27 Day 933: No Wonder USPS is in Trouble”

September 24 Day 930: Cool Flex

Just a quick post to share yesterday’s hexahexaflexagon. While packing this morning, I found a few more completed flexagons stored in the pages of a book. So I can show you the six sides and share instructions for making your own. And here is the flattened version that you can print, cut, fold, and glueContinue reading “September 24 Day 930: Cool Flex”

September 23 Day 929: Celebrate and Play

COVID changed everything: the way we work. The way we play. And how MAA celebrates its award winners. So today, in the heart of the NYC financial district we brought together United States Math Olympiad (USAMO), European Girls Math Olympiad (EGMO), and International Math Olympiad (IMO) winners, together with their families, for a celebration ofContinue reading “September 23 Day 929: Celebrate and Play”

September 22 Day 928: Hello Big Apple

My plane landed before 6 am ET (think 3 am PT) and I glimpsed the sun rising as I found my way to the AirTrain. I refilled my MTA card from earlier this summer and joined the throngs riding public transportation to Manhattan. I avoided a deluge by ducking into a Starbucks and was delightedContinue reading “September 22 Day 928: Hello Big Apple”

September 21 Day 927: Red-eye

It’s the start of the new academic year. Two retreats are done—Science and Math Division last Friday and Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences yesterday. Classes start one week from today. I’m not ready but I will be. Tomorrow is the math Faculty retreat. I won’t be there because I’m flying east to NYC on a red-eye.Continue reading “September 21 Day 927: Red-eye”

September 19 Day 925: Hard to Believe

Dear Pierce County Superior Court, Do you realize that I just finished by previous jury duty service LAST WEEK? It doesn’t seem fair to ask me to serve again almost immediately. In King County, I would be eligible for an excusal since I served “within the last 12 months.” At least that is what theirContinue reading “September 19 Day 925: Hard to Believe”

September 15 Day 921: 0 for 7

And so this episode of my jury duty saga came to a close. I was not selected to be a juror…again (and I do not have to return for the rest of the week.) This was the seventh time I answered a summons. On average, I get called once every 4-5 years. When I participateContinue reading “September 15 Day 921: 0 for 7”