October 23 Day 959: Boardwalking

I wanted to see a sunrise over the Atlantic. So I got up way too early for a girl still living on Pacific time and drove the Ocean City, NJ. It was cloudy, showing no color but grey. I enjoyed walking the boardwalk as the sky lightened, imagining the summer crowds. Only one shop wasContinue reading “October 23 Day 959: Boardwalking”

October 14 Day 950: Shall Dare Bad Air

I’ve been avoiding my morning walk partly because of work, partly because of travel, and partly because of bad air. Today was a doozy—an air quality index of 154 this morning. I decided to throw caution to the wind and brave the great outdoors. One thing you can say about smoky skies, they make forContinue reading “October 14 Day 950: Shall Dare Bad Air”

July 14 Day 858: Catching the Gold Bug

Mark and I spent the day with Marcus Martin (no relation) in the famed Beecher Quarry. The weather was pleasant and the company delightful. There is something cathartic about breaking rocks and searching for gold—fools gold in this case. We were in pursuit of pyritized trilobites and with Markus’s expert knowledge and advice, we succeeded!Continue reading “July 14 Day 858: Catching the Gold Bug”

April 24 Day 777: Lesson from Nature

You know what they say, “all work and no fun,…” Sometimes I focus too much on what I have yet to finish that I forget to take time to play. My morning motivation to see the sunrise was to think about a new topic for a #TacomaMath video. I got some fun photos that willContinue reading “April 24 Day 777: Lesson from Nature”

April 14 Day 767: Appreciate Your Surroundings

Today’s walk brought many delights. Everyone I passed greeted me with a smile and that made the morning feel special in and of itself. Then nature showed her beauty in unexpected ways. I was greeted by this fine feathered friend surveying the waterfront–later caught in flight over the masts in the marina. How many harborContinue reading “April 14 Day 767: Appreciate Your Surroundings”