December 24 Day 1021: Jollification

Today I managed to submit an article for publication, design our holiday card (finally), and wrap all the presents. It’s been a fine day of merrymaking. I am prepared to celebrate with others tomorrow. This elf is ready for a long winter’s nap. Happy, merry jollification one and all.

November 6 Day 973: 5 pm Pacific Standard

I was grateful for the extra hour of sleep this morning when I had to get up for an early flight home. But now that I am here and the clock has struck 5 pm, I WANT MORE LIGHT. Intellectually, I know that I will adjust and its time to replace all the old lightContinue reading “November 6 Day 973: 5 pm Pacific Standard”

October 27 Day 963: Curious Minds Want to Know

Yes, I did make it home. Tuesday morning at 2:30 am, thirty-one hours later than planned. The Portland flight was delayed and I missed my connection to Seattle. I did not want to stay at a hotel for another night. So I found a driver willing to face the 144 mile drive to Tacoma, WAContinue reading “October 27 Day 963: Curious Minds Want to Know”

October 3 Day 939: 100% Again

It’s the second class of the quarter and attendance was at 100% again. (Admittedly one student joined on Zoom but life happens. They joined their randomly assigned workgroup in a zoom breakout room and it seemed to work fine.) I am again using the randomly generated lists to call on students rather than asking forContinue reading “October 3 Day 939: 100% Again”

October 2 Day 938: Angeles Angels

NCTM brought me back to spend time in LA. I lived there for a dozen years as I was starting my career. I got my first academic job there. I got divorced there. I found my loving and supportive partner there. I gave birth to two sons there. There was lots of nostalgia, both goodContinue reading “October 2 Day 938: Angeles Angels”

July 2 Day 846: OMG

Our final day in The Netherlands was jam-packed with Overwhelming Mictobial Goodness (OMG), an acronym attributed to Mark O. Martin. Mark and Ariane met at the Lab to ‘image’ the #luxart from yesterday’s session. Afterward we visited Leiden’s Saturday market. We now know the best places to buy bread, cheese, tarts, and fish. We sampledContinue reading “July 2 Day 846: OMG”

June 28 Day 842: We All Went Down to Amster….

You know you are in Amsterdam when you spot the canals, windmills, and bicycles. We finally made it! Just three days and one hour late but we are here. The hotel is lovely. The schedule has been rearranged. It is going to be a visit to remember. The title is an homage to a misrememberedContinue reading “June 28 Day 842: We All Went Down to Amster….”

June 10 Day 824: Mathematical Celebration

Behold the amazing UW Tacoma students gathering to celebrate their achievements after an unexpectedly difficult academic year. Tacoma grit? They’ve shown it. I couldn’t be more proud to gather in community and celebrate their accomplishments. Today was the official last day of the spring quarter, marked by a celebration of UW Tacoma math students andContinue reading “June 10 Day 824: Mathematical Celebration”

April 8 Day 761: A Virtual Friday Evening at #JMM2022

I enjoyed the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) poster session, business meeting, and award reception this evening. I love that they created a Gather space for the event. It was an opportunity to catch up with friends and celebrate accomplishments. AWM is a mighty organization that empowered me to become a better leader. IContinue reading “April 8 Day 761: A Virtual Friday Evening at #JMM2022”