December 3 Day 1000: Parade of Pipes and Pups

This morning I find myself in Alexandria, Virginia and despite the promise of rain, I ventured out to see their Scottish Christmas Walk parade. A family friendly affair with tartans, bagpipes, dancers, and dogs. Kids lined the streets and joyfully collected holiday candy tossed by the marchers by. And it didn’t even rain. I’m soContinue reading “December 3 Day 1000: Parade of Pipes and Pups”

October 27 Day 963: Curious Minds Want to Know

Yes, I did make it home. Tuesday morning at 2:30 am, thirty-one hours later than planned. The Portland flight was delayed and I missed my connection to Seattle. I did not want to stay at a hotel for another night. So I found a driver willing to face the 144 mile drive to Tacoma, WAContinue reading “October 27 Day 963: Curious Minds Want to Know”

October 24 Part 3: I Don’t Want to Talk About It

Still trying to get home. Still in Newark. Losing my optimism. Captain Patrick refused to fly the equipment because it didn’t check out. Good for him. But in trying to get home tonight, I’m going through Portland with a tight connection. And that flight is already showing a delay. If everything works smoothly, I willContinue reading “October 24 Part 3: I Don’t Want to Talk About It”

July 17 Day 861: Just When You Think It’s All Over

I’ve been thinking it might be time to morph this blog, Math in the Time of Corona, into something new. After all, it’s been 861 days since my first emergency remote class was taught March 9, 2020. Vaccines have been created, debated, and updated. Masks are no longer mandated. People are venturing out on delayedContinue reading “July 17 Day 861: Just When You Think It’s All Over”

June 21 Day 835: Great Lessons

Day two of the ILAS conference in Galway featured the first half of the mini symposium honoring the work of my thesis advisor, Richard Brualdi. It is the reason I am here. The “Brualdi insights” that I pick up from today’s speakers: are: Drive somewhere with Richard (preferably to a conference.) The key to writingContinue reading “June 21 Day 835: Great Lessons”

April 5 Day 758: Spring Green

Trees along the boulevard are blooming. The color is the chartreuse of new growth that is only found at the start of Spring. With spring comes hope— time for our winter hibernation and COVID isolation to cease. I am ready to re-emerge and return to a more familiar way of life. And yet, there areContinue reading “April 5 Day 758: Spring Green”

March 14 Day 736: My Wish

Whether you love it or hate it, Pi Day is a favorite day of mine because it is also my birthday. So what do I wish for on this, my third, birthday affected by the coronavirus? World peace. That’s a hard one to deliver on right now but I can make the wish. A returnContinue reading “March 14 Day 736: My Wish”

February 27 Day 721: Pushing Through

I know February is a short month, but I swear it just started. How did it get to be this close to the end? This week precedes many deadlines. I think I have a handle on them. Mostly. And I am looking forward to two(!) professional trips next week for a grand total of 4Continue reading “February 27 Day 721: Pushing Through”

January 25 Day 688: In-person Attendance Woes

One week ago today: I had seven students in the classroom and eight students online. This was the first day I offered in-person classes (and third week of the quarter.) I figured it would get better. Today: I had two students in the classroom and twelve online. That’s not better. One week from today: TheContinue reading “January 25 Day 688: In-person Attendance Woes”