October 24 Part 3: I Don’t Want to Talk About It

Still trying to get home. Still in Newark. Losing my optimism. Captain Patrick refused to fly the equipment because it didn’t check out. Good for him. But in trying to get home tonight, I’m going through Portland with a tight connection. And that flight is already showing a delay. If everything works smoothly, I willContinue reading “October 24 Part 3: I Don’t Want to Talk About It”

June 24 Day 838: Cancelled

Like so many travelers in the world right now, our flight has been cancelled. I learned this when I checked the app before going to bed. There it was on the welcome screen in a colored box under the flight travel time CANCELLED. I clicked on the link and it invited me to rebook myContinue reading “June 24 Day 838: Cancelled”

November 1 Day 603: Sunset Landing

I had a window seat on the left side of the airplane. Traveling north, that means I saw the sun going down from up high. These are iPhone pictures. I was having trouble getting the phone to focus on the horizon rather than the nearby window. But I think they still convey the beauty thatContinue reading “November 1 Day 603: Sunset Landing”

March 23 Day 380: Goodnight Blog

In the great green house there is a room where Jenny works all day on Zoom. And now its late past time for bed. Dreams to swirl inside my head. Before I leave my fine office this blog demands a small sacrifice. A quick short post that’s all, no more. One witty thought not threeContinue reading “March 23 Day 380: Goodnight Blog”

May 20 Day 73: Time Expansion

Have you ever noticed that projects expand to fill the time available? Today I only had one hard deadline and several soft ones. The hard deadline? Teaching from 3:40-5:40 pm. I thought I was ready to go this morning—just a few minor adjustments to the learning management system and it would be on to biggerContinue reading “May 20 Day 73: Time Expansion”