December 2 Day 634: Ups and Downs

There were so many times things started to go wrong today and in the end, everything worked out just fine. I got up early to take the morning flight from SEA to DCA. The highway was crowded. Cars were moving at a crawl. I wasn’t worried, because I always allow for plenty of extra time.Continue reading “December 2 Day 634: Ups and Downs”

November 28 Day 630: Planes and Trains

I am thankful for modern transportation that allowed my sons to visit for the brief Thanksgiving holiday. It was grand to have the family together again. This morning they are traveling back to their respective colleges, one by air and one by land. Safe journeys sons. I’m looking forward to Winter break already.

November 1 Day 603: Sunset Landing

I had a window seat on the left side of the airplane. Traveling north, that means I saw the sun going down from up high. These are iPhone pictures. I was having trouble getting the phone to focus on the horizon rather than the nearby window. But I think they still convey the beauty thatContinue reading “November 1 Day 603: Sunset Landing”

October 31 Day 602: Goodbye AMATYC

I’m feel very lucky. I get to go home. Several of my AMATYC friends are affected by the American Airlines cancellation of more than 1700 flights since Friday. They are scrambling to find new hotels and extending child care for another day (or two.) Being in the last presentation slot of the meeting, I expectedContinue reading “October 31 Day 602: Goodbye AMATYC”

March 14 Day 371: We Are OK

Umm, this birthday isn’t going to plan. My son Zachary and I went to record a Math Around Town piece in the Salishan neighborhood and the trip home was exciting—but not in a good way. As we entered I-705 from the 7 extension near the Tacoma Dome, a vehicle from the I-5 N ramp blewContinue reading “March 14 Day 371: We Are OK”

December 16 Day 283: Words of Gratitude

I am overwhelmed by the kind words I have received from students today. Some have come in email, others through the Course Management System, and some even “screen-to-screen” (since we weren’t actually face-to-face) at the end of their oral interviews. “Thanks again for the great quarter and helping me learn, and have a good day!”Continue reading “December 16 Day 283: Words of Gratitude”

November 26 Day 263: Thanksgiving

I am thankful for… …morning walks with my husband. …a warm house full of all my boys. …a day to be together, cook, eat, and play. …talking with family from a far. …meaningful work (but none today thank you). … good friends. …the hope of a better tomorrow. (And a special thanks to my husbandContinue reading “November 26 Day 263: Thanksgiving”