November 19 Day 986: A Few AMATYC Highlights

The conference is continuing for another day but I am heading back this evening. There was plenty of positive math energy but here are some things I particularly want to remember. Indian food last night with April Strom, Chris Rasmussen, and Peter Liljedahl followed by the second half of the AMATYC Ignite event. For theContinue reading “November 19 Day 986: A Few AMATYC Highlights”

November 18 Day 985: Kudos for Flexibility

I want to acknowledge the persistence of my friend April Strom and the Teaching for Prowess Team. Even though it seems nothing was going right this morning, they made things work. Pivot number 1: The hotel wouldn’t allow anything on the walls. No tape, no blue tape, no static clings, nothing. The plan was toContinue reading “November 18 Day 985: Kudos for Flexibility”

November 17 Day 984: Hello Toronto!

I arrived after a restless night of travel. It’s brisk with a little snow on the ground. I took it easy today. Coffee at Tim Hortons, a session on active learning, a lovely keynote by Peter Liljedahl, and a meal sharing small plates with friends, both old and new. Quick lessons from the day: NotContinue reading “November 17 Day 984: Hello Toronto!”

November 16 Day 983: The Things We Do For Our Students

I’m sitting at the airport with an hour to wait before boarding the first leg of my journey to Toronto. I distinctly remember swearing off red-eye flights but I seem to keep taking them. When I was younger, I choose red-eyes because of cost. Now I am selecting them because of scheduling. I am travelingContinue reading “November 16 Day 983: The Things We Do For Our Students”

December 4 Day 636: The Wisdom of Presidents

Today in the White House Visitor’s Center, I spied these words from Chester A. Arthur. Little did he know that these words would be relevant to every person living through the 2020-2021 Corona Virus Lockdown. I was grateful for the chance to explore my country’s capital on a beautiful fall Saturday before flying home toContinue reading “December 4 Day 636: The Wisdom of Presidents”

October 31 Day 602: Goodbye AMATYC

I’m feel very lucky. I get to go home. Several of my AMATYC friends are affected by the American Airlines cancellation of more than 1700 flights since Friday. They are scrambling to find new hotels and extending child care for another day (or two.) Being in the last presentation slot of the meeting, I expectedContinue reading “October 31 Day 602: Goodbye AMATYC”

October 29 Day 600: Not Normal but Still Good

I marvel at what we can accomplish in our expanded digital world. Even though I have traveled to Phoenix to attend an in-person meeting, I had 6 hours of scheduled Zoom meetings today. How is that possible? I flew here for a reason. I should be attending the in-person talks. I started the day enjoyingContinue reading “October 29 Day 600: Not Normal but Still Good”