April 8 Day 761: A Virtual Friday Evening at #JMM2022

I enjoyed the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) poster session, business meeting, and award reception this evening. I love that they created a Gather space for the event. It was an opportunity to catch up with friends and celebrate accomplishments. AWM is a mighty organization that empowered me to become a better leader. IContinue reading “April 8 Day 761: A Virtual Friday Evening at #JMM2022”

October 29 Day 600: Not Normal but Still Good

I marvel at what we can accomplish in our expanded digital world. Even though I have traveled to Phoenix to attend an in-person meeting, I had 6 hours of scheduled Zoom meetings today. How is that possible? I flew here for a reason. I should be attending the in-person talks. I started the day enjoyingContinue reading “October 29 Day 600: Not Normal but Still Good”

January 3 Day 301: Time Machine

It has been more than fifteen years since my family moved to Tacoma, WA. I left a tenured position to follow my husband to the Pacific Northwest. At the time people thought I was crazy to leave without a replacement position—but keeping my family together was more important than a job or a title. Besides,Continue reading “January 3 Day 301: Time Machine”

November 30 Day 267: Already? Not Soon Enough!

It appears that the last day of November is upon. Where does the time go? Things that have been accomplished with December 1 deadlines: The big consortium NSF IUSE grant has been submitted not that I did much. The drive and innovation came from outside. I recognized the opportunity and brought people together locally. OthersContinue reading “November 30 Day 267: Already? Not Soon Enough!”