March 31 Day 388: Feels Like Sabbatical

For my UW Tacoma colleagues, this is the first week of Spring 2021 classes. It is probably the hardest transition between quarters because there is no respite; you just barely submit your final grades for Winter and have to jump into the new term with reckless abandon. I do not envy them. Me? Why amContinue reading “March 31 Day 388: Feels Like Sabbatical”

March 30 Day 387: Stressed? You Are Not Alone

Today‚Äôs MAA Social Hour gave me (and the other participants) permission to take a break from the demands of pandemic life to purposefully relax and breathe. It was a refreshing session led by Dr. Hadas Moshonov-Cohavi. She has been leading stress awareness and mindfulness sessions with her students and we collaborated to offer a similarContinue reading “March 30 Day 387: Stressed? You Are Not Alone”

March 29 Day 386: The Fourth Bucket

Teaching. Scholarship. Service. The triumvirate of academic success. Why is it that collegiality remains a fourth unspoken bucket? Historically, collegiality was used to exclude women and faculty of color from academic success. And the practice seems to be alive and well today. It is disappointing. Disagreement and opposing viewpoints can be valuable. You do notContinue reading “March 29 Day 386: The Fourth Bucket”

March 27 Day 384: The Right Tool…

…makes all the difference. My goal was to fix the dripping kitchen faucet. I watched YouTube videos and gathered tools. My action plan: remove the handle, take the innards to the hardware store, and buy the proper repair kit. In reality: the set screw was frozen. After applying a rust penetrating catalyst, I still managedContinue reading “March 27 Day 384: The Right Tool…”

March 26 Day 383: Wonders of Technology

Today I did something that would have seemed inconceivable before our technology boost during the pandemic— I gave three (technically four) different presentations in two different states without leaving the comfort of my own home. I pride myself on my interactive presentations regardless of the audience. Making the transition to virtual is challenging. So toContinue reading “March 26 Day 383: Wonders of Technology”

March 24 Day 381: Small World

Some days the world is smaller than others. I was cold-called by a group in the UK about the possibility of recording some math lectures for their start-up enterprise. This felt like a legit inquiry and I responded. Today’s conversation was a delight. Amber, the person who contacted me, grew up ~11 blocks from whereContinue reading “March 24 Day 381: Small World”

March 23 Day 380: Goodnight Blog

In the great green house there is a room where Jenny works all day on Zoom. And now its late past time for bed. Dreams to swirl inside my head. Before I leave my fine office this blog demands a small sacrifice. A quick short post that’s all, no more. One witty thought not threeContinue reading “March 23 Day 380: Goodnight Blog”

March 22 Day 379: Seeking Motivation

Winter grades are submitted. It is officially Spring Break, which will be followed by a one quarter sabbatical. I know I need to: Think Write Workout Draw Taxes Perform deferred maintenance (the dripping kitchen faucet is driving me crazy and we have a sizable number of burned out light bulbs.) Plus continue the myriad ofContinue reading “March 22 Day 379: Seeking Motivation”