October 17 Day 953: Learning New Tricks

When teaching remotely, I had lots of ways to get feedback—reactions, polls (often in Miro), waterfall chats. Now that I am back in person, I’m trying to find the right method. Inspired by my son’s willingness to ask his teacher questions on Discord, I set up a server for my class. I have to admit,Continue reading “October 17 Day 953: Learning New Tricks”

March 27 Day 384: The Right Tool…

…makes all the difference. My goal was to fix the dripping kitchen faucet. I watched YouTube videos and gathered tools. My action plan: remove the handle, take the innards to the hardware store, and buy the proper repair kit. In reality: the set screw was frozen. After applying a rust penetrating catalyst, I still managedContinue reading “March 27 Day 384: The Right Tool…”

March 6 Day 363: COVID Practices Part I

Exactly a year ago today, the University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce announced classes would be offered remotely for the final week of Winter Quarter 2020. We had three days notice to adjust. The initial plan was a deep clean, a few weeks of remote engagement, including a “soft start” to the Spring quarter,Continue reading “March 6 Day 363: COVID Practices Part I”

February 20 Day 349: Florida Celebration

I want to give a shout out to all of the executive officers in the MAA Florida section meeting. They were the test subjects for all the virtual spring MAA section meetings to come. The background. The pandemic has stressed everyone. Several members of the FL MAA executive committee resigned this year because they didContinue reading “February 20 Day 349: Florida Celebration”

February 19 Day 348: Tech Lessons

Despite best intentions, it is critical to test everything…twice. Learning technology limitations the hard way is never fun. It’s like the first time you learn that a shared Google document can only accommodate 100 users. Or that a screen shared from an iPad user does not allow for zoom annotation by others but an iPadContinue reading “February 19 Day 348: Tech Lessons”

April 25 Day 48: What Have I Done?

It’s Saturday. I spent the bulk of my day grading and I’m looking at a repeat performance tomorrow. In a time when I am trying to pare down to essential material, why do I keep asking so much of myself? Yes, yes…for the students. Absolutely. Develop that growth mindset. But do they appreciate it? DoContinue reading “April 25 Day 48: What Have I Done?”

March 27 Day 19: Applying a Growth Mindset to Survive

What a week!  Thank you to Duong Rita Than, Ruth Vanderpool, and Erik Tou for brainstorming, problem solving, and material sharing. I am closer to being prepared for the first day of spring quarter classes Monday but it will be a long weekend. Reflections on the transition: I have always loved gizmos, gadgets, and tech.Continue reading “March 27 Day 19: Applying a Growth Mindset to Survive”