January 29 Day 1057: Paper vs iPad grading

I spent at least 7 hours grading today—mostly exams on paper and some homework files submitted electronically. All of it was for students in the same class. First observation: When did everyone’s handwriting become so illegible? Second observation: Why do I think my tricks to decipher handwriting on the iPad will work on paper? IContinue reading “January 29 Day 1057: Paper vs iPad grading”

December 12 Day 644: Procrastination

I thought I would be further along in my grading by this time of the weekend. I had big plans. First I would grade presentations, then projects, and then portfolios. Ideally having it all done before the marathon interview sessions start tomorrow for my students’ in-person oral final exam. Instead, I have graded last homeworks,Continue reading “December 12 Day 644: Procrastination”

June 10 Day 94: Finals. Part I.

I spent 5 straight hours sitting in the home office without stirring. Three hours were spent administering back-to-back oral exams —two questions, twenty minutes, and no time to spare. Two more hours were spent on a more traditional remotely administered final exam in my mastery based precalculus class. This is my first time using anContinue reading “June 10 Day 94: Finals. Part I.”

May 16 Day 69: To Do

For those of you not familiar with the Canvas Teacher app, the 114 in the red oval represents the number of items in need of grading this weekend. Some are quick check-offs: complete or incomplete. About half are assessments from my mastery-based precalculus course. The rest come from my writing intensive matrix theory course (soContinue reading “May 16 Day 69: To Do”

April 25 Day 48: What Have I Done?

It’s Saturday. I spent the bulk of my day grading and I’m looking at a repeat performance tomorrow. In a time when I am trying to pare down to essential material, why do I keep asking so much of myself? Yes, yes…for the students. Absolutely. Develop that growth mindset. But do they appreciate it? DoContinue reading “April 25 Day 48: What Have I Done?”

March 21 Day 13: Checklist

Grading final projects? In progress. Household trendsetter with copper door knobs? Check. Zooming for connections? Indeed. Today a brief check in with my thesis advisor Richard A. Brualdi; tomorrow a family meeting (across the 4 times zones of in the Continental USA). What I remember most? Sleeping with the window open and breathing fresh airContinue reading “March 21 Day 13: Checklist”

March 20 Day 12: Geek Squad Cred

I know my response to stress is to sleep. As I try to grade 15 twenty-page capstone papers, all my eyes want to do is close. I set a daily goal of grading five papers to ensure that I will be ready to compute final grades by Monday and assign them before Tuesday’s 5 pmContinue reading “March 20 Day 12: Geek Squad Cred”