March 27 Day 1114: Fresh Start

It’s the first day of Spring quarter 2023. So long Spring Break— I hardly knew you. All of the faculty colleagues I saw today looked exhausted. With less than a week between Winter grade submission and the start of this quarter, there really was no rest for the weary. I had an impressive To-Do listContinue reading “March 27 Day 1114: Fresh Start”

June 12 Day 96: Finals. Part III

I really wanted to be able to report that all projects were graded and final grades were submitted. But I haven’t been able to make myself sit down to finish. Grades are not due until 5 pm on Tuesday June 16. So there is time, right? To procrastinate, I will answer the question about theContinue reading “June 12 Day 96: Finals. Part III”

April 25 Day 48: What Have I Done?

It’s Saturday. I spent the bulk of my day grading and I’m looking at a repeat performance tomorrow. In a time when I am trying to pare down to essential material, why do I keep asking so much of myself? Yes, yes…for the students. Absolutely. Develop that growth mindset. But do they appreciate it? DoContinue reading “April 25 Day 48: What Have I Done?”