May 30 Day 83: I’m Sorry

Originally, I was planning to write this post about the cancellation of MathFest 2020. It was the right decision for all kinds of reasons and I am sorry its loss. Yet it seems so insignificant compared to the events in Minneapolis. I keep flipping to the news—alternately feeling outrage and guilt but always sorrow. IContinue reading “May 30 Day 83: I’m Sorry”

May 28 Day 81: Celebrations Both Belated and Virtual

Tonight we celebrated the achievements of the University of Washington Tacoma mathematics majors. It was a multimedia zoom extravaganza with the faculty leaning in to make it extra special. Just look at the program: There was something for everyone—special videos, Pi Mu Epsilon honor society induction, singing (!?!) , awards, and math(ish) trivia. My favoriteContinue reading “May 28 Day 81: Celebrations Both Belated and Virtual”

May 27 Day 80: It’s Official

Hello. My name is Jenny and I have an over-reliance on technology. It has been more than eighty days since I taught a class in the same room as my students. Eighty days since I collected an exam or homework assignment on paper. Eighty days since I enjoyed drop-in hours in the library, helping studentsContinue reading “May 27 Day 80: It’s Official”

May 26 Day 79: Staying Positive

I thought the first day back after a three day weekend might be challenging for me and my students. As predicted, energy and attendance was low. To inject positivity, I asked for help with the following Google slide: Students were asked to share motivational thoughts, quotes, or memes. Not everyone participated but it brightened myContinue reading “May 26 Day 79: Staying Positive”

May 24 Day 77: Shine Your Light

Finding balance in isolation has been a challenge. My foci have been: creating community within my classroom and my professional association, sharing space and supporting priorities of family members, and meeting my commitments. Since March 9, my number one priority has been to survive the jarring upheaval that was this academic year in the timeContinue reading “May 24 Day 77: Shine Your Light”

May 23 Day 76: A Brief Respite

I’ve been pushing pretty hard lately and I admit to being a little resentful of the grading, lack of student interaction, and extra work to prepare for a board meeting. If this were in “the before,” I would be flying home from DC after two days of important work with amazing people—energized and ready toContinue reading “May 23 Day 76: A Brief Respite”

May 22 Day 75: Inquiring Minds

Here are those big, beautiful smiles that I promised. The order and some backgrounds have changed. But quarantine hair remains the same. For comparison: This is a wonderfully dedicated group of professionals. It is a pleasure to work with them to support and promote an organization that I love, the Mathematical Association of America. IContinue reading “May 22 Day 75: Inquiring Minds”