June 29 Day 478: Just a Glimpse

June’s MAA Social Hour was a grand experiment into new technology. And while it was fun (for those that got the technology to work), there were lessons to be learned for sure. It was my first foray into “speed networking. ” I used Glimpse paired with a Zoom meeting as recommended by the post HowContinue reading “June 29 Day 478: Just a Glimpse”

June 6 Day 455: Exploration

This morning’s adventure started by thinking about a special Math Around Town video. Can we simultaneously create a place-based math exploration AND celebrate all Tacoma HS graduating seniors this week? I started at Mt. Tahoma HS where all in-person graduation ceremonies are taking place over the next week. Folks were working hard to prepare. YetContinue reading “June 6 Day 455: Exploration”

June 2 Day 451: Virtual Math Encounters

Today was the last teaching day for Spring quarter 2021 at UW Tacoma. I could tell by the posts of my friends that this has been one tough term. Perhaps the Facebook quote by Peter Selkin says it best: What if you had your last class Zoom meeting of the year and NOBODY CAME? (IContinue reading “June 2 Day 451: Virtual Math Encounters”