January 21 Day 1049: Of Rogues and Rabbits

Happy Lunar New Years Eve. That means it’s time to get excited for Monkeyshines in Tacoma. Thanks to Ms. Monkey and her monkey business, Tacoma gets the best present around Lunar New Year. She and her family make and hide glass medallions and orbs pressed with the Chinese zodiac symbol for the coming year. OverContinue reading “January 21 Day 1049: Of Rogues and Rabbits”

December 3 Day 1000: Parade of Pipes and Pups

This morning I find myself in Alexandria, Virginia and despite the promise of rain, I ventured out to see their Scottish Christmas Walk parade. A family friendly affair with tartans, bagpipes, dancers, and dogs. Kids lined the streets and joyfully collected holiday candy tossed by the marchers by. And it didn’t even rain. I’m soContinue reading “December 3 Day 1000: Parade of Pipes and Pups”

November 5 Day 972: Hanging Out with Abe and Al

The MAA Board meeting ended early this afternoon and I spent the rest of my day wandering about DC. It was a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon; plenty of other folks had the same idea. I was not alone in my travels. It started at the Renwick Gallery to see Chawne Kimber’s quilt still notContinue reading “November 5 Day 972: Hanging Out with Abe and Al”

October 23 Day 959: Boardwalking

I wanted to see a sunrise over the Atlantic. So I got up way too early for a girl still living on Pacific time and drove the Ocean City, NJ. It was cloudy, showing no color but grey. I enjoyed walking the boardwalk as the sky lightened, imagining the summer crowds. Only one shop wasContinue reading “October 23 Day 959: Boardwalking”

October 17 Day 953: Learning New Tricks

When teaching remotely, I had lots of ways to get feedback—reactions, polls (often in Miro), waterfall chats. Now that I am back in person, I’m trying to find the right method. Inspired by my son’s willingness to ask his teacher questions on Discord, I set up a server for my class. I have to admit,Continue reading “October 17 Day 953: Learning New Tricks”

September 22 Day 928: Hello Big Apple

My plane landed before 6 am ET (think 3 am PT) and I glimpsed the sun rising as I found my way to the AirTrain. I refilled my MTA card from earlier this summer and joined the throngs riding public transportation to Manhattan. I avoided a deluge by ducking into a Starbucks and was delightedContinue reading “September 22 Day 928: Hello Big Apple”

August 23 Day 898: One Thing About Tacoma

I love the artists in Tacoma that share their work by hiding things around town. Whether Monkeyshines, Beautiful Angle, TacomaRocks, or other rogues, there is something magical about happening upon an artistic surprise—especially when its not expected. It never fails to lift my heart and brighten my day. On this morning’s walk, I spied twoContinue reading “August 23 Day 898: One Thing About Tacoma”

July 15 Day 859: When in Rome

We planned for an extra day in Rome, NY after yesterday’s dig. So we explored what Rome had to offer. A quick hike in the Sand Plains. A walk through the Griffiss International Sculpture Garden (and frisbee golf course). A lovely dinner at a local restaurant that included sampling a turkey joint (it’s not whatContinue reading “July 15 Day 859: When in Rome”

July 14 Day 858: Catching the Gold Bug

Mark and I spent the day with Marcus Martin (no relation) in the famed Beecher Quarry. The weather was pleasant and the company delightful. There is something cathartic about breaking rocks and searching for gold—fools gold in this case. We were in pursuit of pyritized trilobites and with Markus’s expert knowledge and advice, we succeeded!Continue reading “July 14 Day 858: Catching the Gold Bug”

July 12 Day 856: MoMA in NYC

We had a family filled weekend in TN celebrating big birthdays of my cousin, my uncle, and my sister. It was four generations from the Vincent side of the family—Great Grandma Betsy to the barely two week old Betsy Jean. Since then, Mark and I ventured to a New York State of mind to finallyContinue reading “July 12 Day 856: MoMA in NYC”