November 1 Day 603: Sunset Landing

I had a window seat on the left side of the airplane. Traveling north, that means I saw the sun going down from up high. These are iPhone pictures. I was having trouble getting the phone to focus on the horizon rather than the nearby window. But I think they still convey the beauty thatContinue reading “November 1 Day 603: Sunset Landing”

October 31 Day 602: Goodbye AMATYC

I’m feel very lucky. I get to go home. Several of my AMATYC friends are affected by the American Airlines cancellation of more than 1700 flights since Friday. They are scrambling to find new hotels and extending child care for another day (or two.) Being in the last presentation slot of the meeting, I expectedContinue reading “October 31 Day 602: Goodbye AMATYC”

October 30 Day 601: Amazing

Tomorrow I talk about mathematical affirmations and humanizing assessment. So I knew I had to find this mural in Downtown Phoenix during a break in the action. On the way I encountered other fun public art. But the most amazing part of the day was connecting with Talithia Williams—she is a wonder. Dynamic storyteller. ImpactfulContinue reading “October 30 Day 601: Amazing”

October 29 Day 600: Not Normal but Still Good

I marvel at what we can accomplish in our expanded digital world. Even though I have traveled to Phoenix to attend an in-person meeting, I had 6 hours of scheduled Zoom meetings today. How is that possible? I flew here for a reason. I should be attending the in-person talks. I started the day enjoyingContinue reading “October 29 Day 600: Not Normal but Still Good”

October 28 Day 599: ΦNIX

Mathematical friends know I have a “thing” for the golden ratio Φ (pronounced “fee”). So I enjoyed the fact that on the AMATYC 2021 conference advertisement, Phoenix was written as ΦNIX. It is my first time attending the AMATYC conference ever and it is the first in-person conference since the Louisiana/Mississippi MAA Section Meeting FebruaryContinue reading “October 28 Day 599: ΦNIX”

October 23 Day 594: 11 Hours

The body is an amazing device that runs on nervous energy and caffeine. Until it doesn’t. On Friday morning (9 am Pacific time) , I gave a talk at the Virtual Gathering4Gardner Celebration of Mind. I was so excited to be invited. I had new material I wanted to share. And I was overcommitted. TheContinue reading “October 23 Day 594: 11 Hours”

October 18 Day 589: Grand Reopening

I am excited to return to the Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) of the University of Washington Tacoma for the first time in a very long time, quite possibly 589 days. Renovations started during the COVID closure kept the second floor of the Snoqualmie building off-limits until today. I held my very first in-person drop-inContinue reading “October 18 Day 589: Grand Reopening”

October 17 Day 588: No Filter

An early morning romp to the waterfront with my husband. We were rewarded with a colorful palette—starting with dark blues and purple. Transforming to oranges and red with a hint of yellow. Finished off with delicate clouds of pink. It lifts my spirits to see such beauty and share it with those I love. TheContinue reading “October 17 Day 588: No Filter”

October 13 Day 584: Overcommitted

I said yes to too many things. The next 3.5 weeks are going to be interesting. I really tried to say no. Honestly, I did. And I did say no…to some things. However, some commitments were made far in advance, others were just too good to decline, and still others were important for transparency, community,Continue reading “October 13 Day 584: Overcommitted”

October 8 Day 579: Daily Word Count

Do you have a maximum number of words you can write per day? I think I do. And I think all forms of writing accumulate towards that total. So, if I intend to work on a manuscript but I spend the morning composing email, I have already reduced what can be accomplished by the numberContinue reading “October 8 Day 579: Daily Word Count”