September 28 Day 569: Irksome Day

I spent the entire day on campus in preparation for tomorrow’s return to in-person teaching. I am definitely out of practice and nothing worked quite the way it did before. The best part of the day was seeing colleagues and friends, picking up classroom supplies (like extra masks for my students), and cleaning my officeContinue reading “September 28 Day 569: Irksome Day”

September 27 Day 568: Drowning

My classes at UW Tacoma begin in 43.5 hours; last night was my first anxiety dream in a long while. It felt like the eye of a hurricane. Walls of water surrounded me. Waves crashed through in slow motion and I knew there would be no escape. I had enough presence of mind to callContinue reading “September 27 Day 568: Drowning”

September 23 Day 564: I Have So Many Questions

During my morning walk along the waterfront, I passed by what looked like green Cheetos dumped onto a park bench. I didn’t think much of it until I looked more closely. Not Cheetos. Definitely not Cheetos. How did I ever think they were Cheetos? I assume it’s bait. But why green? What are they baitContinue reading “September 23 Day 564: I Have So Many Questions”

September 21 Day 562: Retreating to Advance

At UW Tacoma, the week before classes start is always full of academic program retreats. Today was the School for Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Faculty. Tomorrow is the Mathematics Faculty. Friday is the Science and Mathematics Division Faculty. The retreats are being held on Zoom. I have mixed feelings about that. We are expected toContinue reading “September 21 Day 562: Retreating to Advance”

September 18 Day 559: A Labor of Love

It has been a long time in coming, but I have a complete text for my multiyear labor of love. I have re-read for continuity and made adjustments as needed. I have inventoried the remaining tasks. There remain: 17 new essential images to draw 6 essential images to update/complete 1 important fact to check. andContinue reading “September 18 Day 559: A Labor of Love”

September 17 Day 558: To Campus

It’s a cold rainy day—a sure sign that fall quarter is fast approaching. I was having a hard time being productive at home, so I decided to put that new parking permit to use and head to campus. The first question to resolve—which parking lot am supposed to park use? There are lots on eitherContinue reading “September 17 Day 558: To Campus”

September 16 Day 557: On Contract

Welcome to the first day of the new academic year—at least for those of in the University of Washington system. Time to get serious about preparing for new students in new situations with new university guidelines. I am teaching in person (at least that is the intention at this moment in time. One can neverContinue reading “September 16 Day 557: On Contract”

September 13 Day 554: Parking for the Return

This morning at 9 am, parking permits for permanent employees of the University of Washington Tacoma went on sale. The flight returning from my nephew’s twice-covid-delayed wedding was scheduled to land at 9:15 am but miraculously, we landed 30 minutes early. At 9 am, standing at baggage carousel 14, I begin my attempt to secureContinue reading “September 13 Day 554: Parking for the Return”