December 2 Day 999: Mathematical Cooperation

It was a full day’s meeting at the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences. Presidents, Executive Directors, and friends of 19 different mathematics organizations met to work together and support each other in their efforts to promote research, improve education, and expand the uses of mathematics. It’s a great group of people and I amContinue reading “December 2 Day 999: Mathematical Cooperation”

July 24 Day 868: Your Opinions May Vary

I am pleased to announce that the opinion piece I authored for the AMS Notices is now available online. I wrote it specifically for academics in mathematics, yet I believe the need to align metrics of merit with institutional mission and values applies to all disciplines (and all institutions.) I share it with you nowContinue reading “July 24 Day 868: Your Opinions May Vary”

March 22 Day 744: Addressing Criticisms

Everybody’s a critic. Nobody likes criticisms–me included. This evening I finished revisions on a piece that I originally posted about January 16 Day 679: Writers Block and submitted last month. The reviewer comments were biting or maybe I read too much snark into them. I had to put them away for a while before I couldContinue reading “March 22 Day 744: Addressing Criticisms”

January 23 Day 686: In the Zone

I was working on a mathematics manuscript today—editing and creating promised illustrations for my Wednesday collaboration meeting. I had made good progress in the afternoon and thought to briefly review my new contributions before relaxing for the evening. The next thing I realized, it was 11 o’clock at night; I completely lost myself in theContinue reading “January 23 Day 686: In the Zone”

January 11 Day 674: A Whole Lot of Nothing

Before the pandemic, the selfish were rewarded and the selfless were taken advantage of. During the pandemic nothing has changed. Except we keep asking for more from the people that already give too much. Who do you think does the work? And who gets rewarded? It isn’t right. We need to change the system. ForContinue reading “January 11 Day 674: A Whole Lot of Nothing”

December 17 Day 649: Realistic or Out-dated ?

I am pleased to report that all the papers submitted in support of group projects have been graded. What distressed me was what students thought were appropriate sources for references. I use Wikipedia and Wolfram MathWorld as much as the next person. They are great places to start answering questions and have good science/math entries.Continue reading “December 17 Day 649: Realistic or Out-dated ?”

September 21 Day 562: Retreating to Advance

At UW Tacoma, the week before classes start is always full of academic program retreats. Today was the School for Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Faculty. Tomorrow is the Mathematics Faculty. Friday is the Science and Mathematics Division Faculty. The retreats are being held on Zoom. I have mixed feelings about that. We are expected toContinue reading “September 21 Day 562: Retreating to Advance”

March 29 Day 386: The Fourth Bucket

Teaching. Scholarship. Service. The triumvirate of academic success. Why is it that collegiality remains a fourth unspoken bucket? Historically, collegiality was used to exclude women and faculty of color from academic success. And the practice seems to be alive and well today. It is disappointing. Disagreement and opposing viewpoints can be valuable. You do notContinue reading “March 29 Day 386: The Fourth Bucket”

February 15 Day 344: Peer Reviews

Even though our teaching circumstances remain “extraordinary,” run-of-the-mill tasks still need to be completed. It is the time of year to scramble and complete peer reviews in preparation for the ridiculous process of merit review to come (see May 3 Day 56: Not Even Close To Normal.) Thanks to leaders who streamlined the process for thisContinue reading “February 15 Day 344: Peer Reviews”

February 12 Day 341: Friday Melt

I was hoping for snow last night. Not because I was wishing for a snow day —our new found technical competence will make that unlikely unless the internet is down—but because there is something magical about a pristine sound-dulling blanket of snow. Unfortunately the flakes were small and the accumulation in Tacoma was minimal. ItContinue reading “February 12 Day 341: Friday Melt”