January 29 Day 1057: Paper vs iPad grading

I spent at least 7 hours grading today—mostly exams on paper and some homework files submitted electronically. All of it was for students in the same class. First observation: When did everyone’s handwriting become so illegible? Second observation: Why do I think my tricks to decipher handwriting on the iPad will work on paper? IContinue reading “January 29 Day 1057: Paper vs iPad grading”

November 6 Day 973: 5 pm Pacific Standard

I was grateful for the extra hour of sleep this morning when I had to get up for an early flight home. But now that I am here and the clock has struck 5 pm, I WANT MORE LIGHT. Intellectually, I know that I will adjust and its time to replace all the old lightContinue reading “November 6 Day 973: 5 pm Pacific Standard”

March 20 Day 742: Goodbye Winter; Hello Spring

I did it! I finished all my grading for Winter quarter and posted the following announcement for my students today: Subject: I think I am done grading Please have a look over the gradebook. You will see an entry called ‘UWT Grade’ that gives the grade I will report to the registrar for this course.Continue reading “March 20 Day 742: Goodbye Winter; Hello Spring”

March 19 Day 741: Joys of ‘Spring Break’

It’s the first official day of spring break for UW Tacoma and Willamette University. My son Zach and I are lounging in the family room, working on math—he is getting a start on his homework, I am grading final projects. I enjoy chatting with him about mathematical induction, giving LaTeX tips, and providing feedback onContinue reading “March 19 Day 741: Joys of ‘Spring Break’”

March 16 Day 738: Finals Reflections

I have been administering oral final examinations over the last two days. Compared to previous quarters, when I had double (or quadruple) the students to manage, it was down right pleasant. The process hasn’t changed except that I administer the interviews in person rather than remotely through Zoom. I noticed more than ever before thatContinue reading “March 16 Day 738: Finals Reflections”

February 20 Day 714: Missed Opportunity

It was a beautiful morning. The sun eventually broke through the cloud cover (as shown in the cover image.) After my walk, I set my priorities for the day: Grade Friday’s reflections Comment on rough drafts and return so students can continue to develop and improve their final projects, due in 3 weeks. Work inContinue reading “February 20 Day 714: Missed Opportunity”

February 8 Day 702: Oral Midterms Again

It’s midterm time and that means a day administering oral interviews. It’s a small class (only 16 students) and I scheduled them all for one day. Today. They started at 9 am and ended at 7 pm. The process hasn’t changed. The questions are variations on previous themes. It really shouldn’t have seemed much differentContinue reading “February 8 Day 702: Oral Midterms Again”

December 17 Day 649: Realistic or Out-dated ?

I am pleased to report that all the papers submitted in support of group projects have been graded. What distressed me was what students thought were appropriate sources for references. I use Wikipedia and Wolfram MathWorld as much as the next person. They are great places to start answering questions and have good science/math entries.Continue reading “December 17 Day 649: Realistic or Out-dated ?”

December 15 Day 647: Interview Marathon Part II

My first academic term teaching face-to-face since March 2020 is close to completed. Continuing my COVID practice of assessing students through oral examinations, I recently finished two long days of interviews. This reflection will detail the process and lessons learned (much as I have done in the past as documented in all these posts.) TheContinue reading “December 15 Day 647: Interview Marathon Part II”

December 12 Day 644: Procrastination

I thought I would be further along in my grading by this time of the weekend. I had big plans. First I would grade presentations, then projects, and then portfolios. Ideally having it all done before the marathon interview sessions start tomorrow for my students’ in-person oral final exam. Instead, I have graded last homeworks,Continue reading “December 12 Day 644: Procrastination”