July 28 Day 872: Gone Fishing

It’s been hot in the Pacific Northwest this week. To beat the heat, I took a walk along the waterfront as the sun was rising. Seems like others had the same idea. The place was bustling with joggers, bicyclists, and fisherfolk. I was a little late getting up and so I missed the morning’s fullContinue reading “July 28 Day 872: Gone Fishing”

July 24 Day 868: Your Opinions May Vary

I am pleased to announce that the opinion piece I authored for the AMS Notices is now available online. I wrote it specifically for academics in mathematics, yet I believe the need to align metrics of merit with institutional mission and values applies to all disciplines (and all institutions.) I share it with you nowContinue reading “July 24 Day 868: Your Opinions May Vary”

July 22 Day 866: Isolation Complete

It’s been five days since my husband tested positive for Covid. Since then, the entire family has been testing daily, I have been sleeping on the futon couch in my study, and he has been lonely in his isolation. His symptoms were mild (haven’t we all been tired all the time since this damnable virusContinue reading “July 22 Day 866: Isolation Complete”

July 17 Day 861: Just When You Think It’s All Over

I’ve been thinking it might be time to morph this blog, Math in the Time of Corona, into something new. After all, it’s been 861 days since my first emergency remote class was taught March 9, 2020. Vaccines have been created, debated, and updated. Masks are no longer mandated. People are venturing out on delayedContinue reading “July 17 Day 861: Just When You Think It’s All Over”

July 15 Day 859: When in Rome

We planned for an extra day in Rome, NY after yesterday’s dig. So we explored what Rome had to offer. A quick hike in the Sand Plains. A walk through the Griffiss International Sculpture Garden (and frisbee golf course). A lovely dinner at a local restaurant that included sampling a turkey joint (it’s not whatContinue reading “July 15 Day 859: When in Rome”

July 14 Day 858: Catching the Gold Bug

Mark and I spent the day with Marcus Martin (no relation) in the famed Beecher Quarry. The weather was pleasant and the company delightful. There is something cathartic about breaking rocks and searching for gold—fools gold in this case. We were in pursuit of pyritized trilobites and with Markus’s expert knowledge and advice, we succeeded!Continue reading “July 14 Day 858: Catching the Gold Bug”

July 12 Day 856: MoMA in NYC

We had a family filled weekend in TN celebrating big birthdays of my cousin, my uncle, and my sister. It was four generations from the Vincent side of the family—Great Grandma Betsy to the barely two week old Betsy Jean. Since then, Mark and I ventured to a New York State of mind to finallyContinue reading “July 12 Day 856: MoMA in NYC”

July 7 Day 851: Ready to Soar

I’m not exactly sure what time zone I’m in. I work when I need to and sleep when I want. I keep waking up really early. So yesterday I decided to go for a morning walk. I captured this bald eagle being harassed by crows along the Ruston waterfront just after sunrise. Now I amContinue reading “July 7 Day 851: Ready to Soar”

July 2 Day 846: OMG

Our final day in The Netherlands was jam-packed with Overwhelming Mictobial Goodness (OMG), an acronym attributed to Mark O. Martin. Mark and Ariane met at the Lab to ‘image’ the #luxart from yesterday’s session. Afterward we visited Leiden’s Saturday market. We now know the best places to buy bread, cheese, tarts, and fish. We sampledContinue reading “July 2 Day 846: OMG”