June 4 Day 1183: NES/MAA Spring Recap

What a crazy, whirlwind end to the Spring quarter. Who thinks it’s a good idea to finish the last day of teaching with a red-eye to Boston in order to attend the Spring meeting of the Northeastern Section of the MAA? Apparently I did. And I still do. Arriving Friday at 6:30 am, I pickedContinue reading “June 4 Day 1183: NES/MAA Spring Recap”

November 16 Day 983: The Things We Do For Our Students

I’m sitting at the airport with an hour to wait before boarding the first leg of my journey to Toronto. I distinctly remember swearing off red-eye flights but I seem to keep taking them. When I was younger, I choose red-eyes because of cost. Now I am selecting them because of scheduling. I am travelingContinue reading “November 16 Day 983: The Things We Do For Our Students”

September 22 Day 928: Hello Big Apple

My plane landed before 6 am ET (think 3 am PT) and I glimpsed the sun rising as I found my way to the AirTrain. I refilled my MTA card from earlier this summer and joined the throngs riding public transportation to Manhattan. I avoided a deluge by ducking into a Starbucks and was delightedContinue reading “September 22 Day 928: Hello Big Apple”

September 21 Day 927: Red-eye

It’s the start of the new academic year. Two retreats are done—Science and Math Division last Friday and Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences yesterday. Classes start one week from today. I’m not ready but I will be. Tomorrow is the math Faculty retreat. I won’t be there because I’m flying east to NYC on a red-eye.Continue reading “September 21 Day 927: Red-eye”

July 7 Day 851: Ready to Soar

I’m not exactly sure what time zone I’m in. I work when I need to and sleep when I want. I keep waking up really early. So yesterday I decided to go for a morning walk. I captured this bald eagle being harassed by crows along the Ruston waterfront just after sunrise. Now I amContinue reading “July 7 Day 851: Ready to Soar”